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Conscious Gifts — 25% Off Seven Sisters Products ’Till 12/18

Enjoy a generous 25 percent discount on selected Seven Sisters offerings, which make meaningful gifts for the spiritual person or writer in your life. Some are great for men, too. Discount ends 9 pm Pacific on 12/18.

Those who have been following my work will be happy to know that my second book, Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity, is now out in affordable paperback! See the link below. Audios are downloadable or available in CD format. Webinars & audio downloads are convenient gifts for those who live far away. Click on the links for more information and to purchase.

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Drink the Milky Way and Be Born of Her Black Hole

If you surf claims about the meaning of galactic alignments on December 21, 2012, you’ll quickly get ensnarled in difficult-to-grasp facts, contradictory claims, and debunkings. So let me cut to the chase and just say: Whatever’s “really happening out there” doesn’t matter as much as what’s happening “in here.”

What’s important on the inner planes is the cast of characters: the Milky Way, the great black hole that scientists have discovered at the center of it, the Winter Solstice, the Sun, the Earth––and YOU.

The Greeks understood the band of stars we call the Milky Way to be the breast milk of the Great Celestial Goddess Hera. Scientist are coming to understand black holes to be womb portals for the creation of universes. The Winter Solstice is understood to be the time of the awakening on every plane of the seed of light in the time of the greatest darkness. The Sun is a massive, mysterious source of energy, whose esoteric import we understood when we were Egyptians but have since forgotten. Earth is our school. YOU are a portal to infinity.

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Use Your Womb To Activate World Consciousness

In sacred ceremony, I was given a powerful visualization to pass on to women worldwide as a means of reestablishing our oracular connection with one another, with Gaia, and with the Great Cosmic Womb. This is a simple but potent visualization you can do to reestablish the “Womb Grid” on the planet –– the network by which women of consciousness can receive and transmit high-level information designed to stimulate the further awakening of humanity.

Why Womb?

The basis for this visualization is the understanding that the womb is a microcosmic replica of the great Generative Portal, which is the Universe Herself. It is also a microcosmic replica of the fertile deity in whom we dwell, known as Gaia, or Earth Herself. Thus, Gaia is a womb portal nested within the Great Cosmic Womb. And women are womb portals nested within Gaia.

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Medusa’s Head Has Been Restored; Your Participation Is Needed

On March 22, 2012, Medusa’s head was reattached in ceremony. From the esoteric perspective, this event was real and has had ripple effects throughout the time/space hologram.

You are invited to participate in and reinforce this critical re-membering through what follows. Your own actions will similarly have real effects that will contribute to the healing of the Feminine and the entire fabric of world reality. The invitation is open to people of all genders.

The setting for this event was my Divine Birth Mystery Teachings program, held that Thursday evening in El Cerrito, CA. For nearly a decade now, I had felt called to perform this sacred act in concert with other women, and my module on Athena seemed the right time. The ritual was created by Kathy Stanley and assisted by Elizabeth Fogge, with participation from all of the women in the program. Read More…

What Is a Priestess, Anyway?

At Seven Sisters Mystery School, we’re dedicated to restoring the ancient way of the priestess in service to our world. But what exactly is a priestess in this day and age?

There’s no real standard definition (and each person may define it differently), but I will offer my own:

A PRIESTESS is a woman dedicated to opening up her powers of knowing, clairvoyant sight, healing, and manifestation, as well as her connection with the subtle realms, so that she may help further activate the evolution of human consciousness and the human soul.

She channels wisdom and healing energies to others, and she harnesses divine forces in concert with her own positive intention to help influence the course of reality in ways that serve the greatest good. Read More…