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Meet Your Invincible Sun

Will you join us for Solstice 2014?

It’s a deep, deep mystery. The potent winter Sun (god) is born at the Winter Solstice, when the day begins its journey back into prominence over night.

Regardless of the specific name of this god –– and there have been many –– we’re talking here about the birth of the Divine Light out of the Darkness. The renewal or resurrection of the “invincible sun,” as the Romans called it. “The invincible sun.” Can you feel it?

Outwardly, it’s our resident star, that immense manifestation of Fire Spirit, of Divine Consciousness. Ra, Amun, Atum, Horus, Osiris, Helios, Apollo, Mithras, Jesus Christ. And goddesses, too: Amaterasu, Wadjet, Sekhmet, Hathor, Nut, Bast, Bat, and Menhit. Inwardly, it’s our own eternally burning flame, a holographic replica of that larger Divine Reality. At this time of the great cosmic turning, from the perspective of Mother Earth even the Sun must restore itself. And (as above, so below), so must we. Out of the darkest night, the seed of light begins its journey back to blazing zenith.

This mystery is in our bodies. Our lives work better if we deeply honor it. For doing so reminds us of our own unconquerable light. It renews us in countless seen & unseen ways. Honoring this shift & providing a dark cocoon for the rejuvenation is the intent behind the Seven Sisters Solstice Ceremony once again this year. We recognize our collective need for Pause, and we offer a safe haven for you not only to mark but also to make the most of this pivotal moment. Our 20 priestesses and priests have something meaningful & rich planned for you. For those who are in the San Francisco Bay Area, we hope you’ll join us, then, for the Group Trance-Formational Journey from Darkness into Light on Dec 21, 8–10 pm in El Cerrito, CA. Click the link to find out more & purchase your tickets now.

With love,

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Seven Sisters Solstice Ceremony 2014

Group Trance-Formational Journey from Darkness into Light


Sun Dec 21, 2014, 8 – 10 pm Hillside Community Church, El Cerrito, CA 

In this sacred group experience, we will collectively honor what ails us personally & globally, and experience healing & illumination as we move into the seeding of the light.

For more info & to purchase tickts, visit here.



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Mary, Conscious Priestess of Divine Birth Recorded webinar Accessible online, any time.

Led by Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

This holiday, Marguerite once again helps us RECLAIM the Virgin Mary through a revolutionary, exciting & more accurate understanding of WHO SHE REALLY WAS.

Grasp the meaning of Christmas & women’s powers of conception in an entirely new way through Marguerite’s unique & unprecedented research.

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Are the TWO Marys Really ONE?

Channellings for public dialog

As we move into the Sacred Season, here’s one of my more esoteric – & provocative – posts, in time for the Feasts of the Immaculate Conception (12/8) & Guadalupe (12/12)…

It’s 1999 and I’m  draped in a blue satin cloak. “I am Mary, the one they call Virgin,” I solemnly declare before an audience. I drop the cloak to reveal a red satin dress. “I am Mary, the one they call Harlot.” I continue with my monologue: “I bore god from within. I nursed Him at my breast. I taught Him the Secrets. I chose him as my Beloved….I annointed him with sacred oils in preparation for the sacrifice. I wept at the foot of the Cross & watched…”

In this dramatic portrayal that I’ve written & performed for a grad school project at the California Institute of Integral Studies, I embody Magdalene the “whore” & Mary the “holy one,” entwined. I don’t know where this has come from. But my soul is somehow remembering union.

Fast forward to last Thursday. I’m receiving a profound energy healing from the powerful healer Robert (Shamrock) Holtz & I’m in an expanded state of consciousness. I flash: The two Marys are ONE. I explore the contours of this thought, then delve into its luminous interior and let it fill me. It seems a truth, one that’s been nibbling at the edges of my consciousness. A truth I realize I already knew – 15 years ago when I wrote & performed that monologue – before I knew anything.

As I’ve shared with groups, my revelations over the years have included the idea that there were two priestesshoods: the virgins who gave birth to the Avatars/Masters, and the sacred “prostitutes” – let’s call them tantrikas – who sexually united with the Avatars & generated their lineages on earth. (For more on my work on divine birth, see my books The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece & Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity.) Perhaps it was Claire Heartsong, channeler of the books Anna, Grandmother of Jesus & The Magdalenes, who seeded me with the idea that these priestesshoods initially were not divided. Or it may have been someone else. From somewhere, that idea has been gestating. Now here I am with the revelation that the two Marys are ONE.

What does this mean?

• Does it mean these seemingly two women – Mother Mary & the Magdalene – were really the same individual, one who was both mother & lover of the Avatar Jeshua?

• Or does it mean they were part of the same holy order of female sex rite priestesses who were intially virgins, who reserved their erotic activity for the temple, and who knew how to work their tantric & kundalini energies in profound ways?

• Or does it mean a woman can be virgin in the sense of sexually or emotionally sovereign while being a tantrika at the same time? Does it require a fundamental reconception of the Goddess as BOTH Virgin & Sexual Generative force who engages with the Divine Masculine?

• Or does it mean a tantrika can restore her virgin status, as I’ve written may well have been ritually accomplished in antiquity as well as in certain contemporary cultures, such as among the Kerala of India?

• Or does it mean it’s time to heal & fuse the virgin/whore split within & come to a more profound possession & understanding of our vital power than ever before?

• Or is it some or all of the above? Can you feel it? There’s a Mystery here, profound & deep. An esoteric mystery having to do with women’s powers of sexuality & conception that go far beyond our current understanding. A mystery we haven’t fully fathomed in hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The two Marys are ONE. Close your eyes. Ponder it. Feel into it. Dream into it. Journey on it.

Then please share your thoughts in the public dialog below.

Whatever the case, let’s remember that December is traditionally the month of the birth of the light, the birth of the Divine Child, and that behind all of that is the BIRTHER. Some of us call her Mary. However we conceive her, in the hustle and bustle of gifting, consumption, celebration & family triggering, let’s not forget the Sacred Feminine, the Goddess, who is at the foundation of all that is holy. With love, Marguerite


And get your tix now for…

Seven Sisters Solstice Ceremony 2014

Group Trance-Formational Journey from Darkness into Light


Sun Dec 21, 2014, 8 – 10 pm Hillside Community Church, El Cerrito, CA 

In this sacred group experience, we will collectively honor what ails us personally & globally, and experience healing & illumination as we move into the seeding of the light.

Join us in the velvety darkness as we rest, incubate & stretch ourselves awake!

For more info & to purchase tickts, visit here.



Plus, register for the encore holiday online course…

Mary, Conscious Priestess of Divine Birth Recorded webinar

Led by Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

Accessible online, any time.

This holiday, Marguerite once again helps us RECLAIM the Virgin Mary through a revolutionary, exciting & more accurate understanding of WHO SHE REALLY WAS.

Grasp the meaning of Christmas & women’s powers of conception in an entirely new way through Marguerite’s unique & unprecedented research.

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Client Corner! Charlotte Cressey Founder, Earth Energy Yoga® I’ve been delighted to support Charlotte as a private mentoring client in developing her sacred work as a presenter, meditation instructor, yoga teacher & guide to others. Charlotte assists people in discovering the infinite wellspring of joy, love, compassion & wisdom within. She is devoted to helping people feel their absolute best. She’s also a passionate animal rights activist & views veganism, meditation & yoga as means to create a peaceful, harmonious existence for humans, animals & the Earth. Learn more about Charlotte at CharlotteCressey. com.  

How to Be the Blessing – Thanksgiving and Every Day

In my Putting the Sacred Back in Your Holiday webinar, which started this past Tues, I offered 12 ways to make Thanksgiving or other holiday gatherings sacred. One thing I shared was the practice of being the blessing. This was inspired by a guided meditation led by my friend Joie Seldon. Here’s how to do it:

• Sit and close your eyes. Breathe, center & ground for 5 minutes. Keep focusing on your breath & put your attention in your third eye, between your eyes in the center of your head.

• Focus on what you are grateful for. Think of at least 5 things. Really conjure the energy of gratitude in your mind & body.

• Feel the energies of a higher power blessing you. This may be a general sense of the Divine, one or more gods or goddesses, angelic beings, your guides, ascended masters… whoever feels right to you.

Drink their blessings into every fiber of your being. Allow this to fill you for 5 minutes.

• Place your hand on your heart & affirm: I am a blessing to everyone I encounter today, absolutely everyone. I bestow this energy freely & with love. My very presence uplifts others.

• Go about your Thanksgiving (or any other day), consciously remembering to Be the Blessing for everyone, wherever you go.

Walking about with this level of energy signature helps elevate not only your own mood & the energies of those around you, but also the energy level of the entire world. This is the direction that all high-level allies to planet earth would like us to move in. So know that as you are Being the Blessing, you are literally helping to transform our world. With love, Marguerite


And save the date for…

Seven Sisters Solstice Ceremony 2014

Group Trance-Formational Journey from Darkness into Light

Sun Dec 21, 2014, 8 – 10 pm Hillside Community Church, El Cerrito, CA

In this sacred group experience, we will collectively honor what ails us personally & globally, and experience healing & illumination as we move into the seeding of the light.

Join us in the velvety darkness as we rest, incubate & stretch ourselves awake! Stay tuned for a web link with more info & registration, but mark your calendar now!



Want to make this year’s holidays truly blessed?


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Putting the Sacred Back in Your Holidays Online Enlivenment & Support Circle


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Three more live calls Dec 2, 16 & 30, noon Pacific (or listen later). Drop into the seasonal Mystery in a deeper way than ever before! Receive support for any triggers, grief & loneliness at this time of year.


What circle participants are saying about this webinar…

“Great call today! I particularly liked the visualization of a ‘Being’ in the other realms known as Gratitude. All day I’ve been practicing thinking about the food I’m buying & where it came from…and gratitude. It certainly is moving me into a wonderful space for the holidays.” – M.J. “Thank you so much for a great call! You are such a wise woman and I so feel blessed to be on the path with you & learn from you. I also appreciate all the amazing people on the call – I could feel the good energy.” – C.C. “Sublime & very touching!” – Y.A. ********

Client Corner!

Lisbeth Eyrich-Fischer Running with Spirit Babies As a private mentoring client of mine, Lisbeth has successfully launched her new business, Running with Spirit Babies. A powerful spiritual communication facilitator, she works with mamas to help them speak with the souls of their babies –– whether aborted & miscarried souls, fetuses in utero, stillborn infants, those who were on the earth side for just a short time, or newborns who are here to stay. Hers is remarkable, rare, and much-needed work, and this certified doula has already drawn international clientele. Brava, Lisbeth! What a miraculous conception brought to birth!

Find Lisbeth’s websites here & here.


How to Move from “Scared” to “Sacred” This Holiday

My Vid Clip with a New Tip
AND… scroll down for a holiday support resource

“I hate the holidays.” That’s one friend’s familiar refrain these past few years. Granted, she lost her husband a number of years ago, her family is scattered, and she’s feeling the creep of age. While some of us look to holidays with excitement & joy, a lot of us feel ambivalent or downright fearful about this time of year as we envision strained meals with family, loneliness, stress over shopping, worry about money & gifting, or a sense of disconnect with humanity. Does it need to be that way? No. 

Let’s remember the nourishing fragrance of what these holy days are all about at core –– and that we’re all in this together. That’s our strength. AND, it helps to get a start on all this now, before we’re in the thick.

Here’s my latest brief video clip on how to approach your holiday without dread.

And… see below for another resource to help you make this season truly sacred for yourself & your loved ones that I hope you’ll join us for, starting Nov 18! Move From Scared to Sacred This Holiday
Starts Tues Nov 18… Putting the Sacred Back in Your Holidays Online Support & Enlivenment Circle thru New Year’s

4-sessions led by Marguerite Rigoglioso

Nov 18 – Dec 30, 2014 Alternate Tues, 12 – 1:15 pm Pacific, 3 pm Eastern, 8 pm UK Live via phone, Skype, or Web –– or listen later


• Get caught up in the pressure of holidays & forget what’s “holy” about them?

• Want to truly enhance your connection with Spirit at this special time of year?

• Hope to make 2014’s celebrations more sacred for loved ones?

• Need support for triggering by family or your “single” status during the holidays?


Whether we celebrate holidays traditionally or not, we often feel stress about meal prep, gifting & family get-togethers –– sometimes losing the thread of what these holidays are really about on the inner planes. In this 4-session online circle, you’ll receive empowermentssupport & teachings to help you plan for, experience & even lead the year’s-end holidays in a spiritually inspired way.

You’ll enjoy extra support if you’ve had a loss or are uncomfortable about facing holidays without a significant other. No need to go it alone this time!  

Spiritual Mentoring Reading
The special 45-minute call with Marguerite included with this online circle offers tailored guidance for your own personal needs & concerns.   The four online sessions: (via phone, Skype or Web)

Session 1: Tues Nov 18 Experiencing & Inspiring True Gratitude Whether you celebrate American Thanksgiving or not, the holidays represent an opportunity to foster the attitude of gratitude in yourself & others –– critical for manifesting a joyful & abundant life. In this session, we work with the energies of Gratitude, amplifying them in ourselves & learning ways to incorporate them ritually in all upcoming festivities. For those who will be celebrating in the United States, we also spend time sharing & supporting one another in preparing for a day that can sometimes involve mixed feelings (regarding Native American genocide, mass animal slaughter, overeating, loneliness & more).

Session 2: Tues Dec 2 Entering the December Mystery Month with Joy As we get busier planning or attending gatherings, buying gifts & trying to balance work & social obligations, we pause to remember what peace there may be in silence. We explore teachings about what the various holidays of this month really mean (including the feasts dedicated to Mary & the Virgin of Guadalupe), and receive empowerments & ideas to approach them with spiritual & emotional grace, as well as greater joy –– whether we feel well-resourced in the community department or not.

Session 3: Tues Dec 16 Holy, Holy, Holy: Dropping Deeper as We Get Closer In prep for Winter Solstice or Christmas, we dive more deeply into the spiritual & esoteric meaning of these related holidays. Through online ritual and guided journeys, we bring the energies of the “birth of the light” into our own lives. We also learn how we may incorporate different levels of authentic ritual into our own family or community gatherings in a way that will allow them to experience the Mystery & Blessings of this time of year more fully. Again, extra support is extended to those who may be grieving at this time – either due to a loss or a feeling of lack of communal support or partnership.  

Session 4: Tues Dec 30 Ringing in a Blessed New Year At the “in between” time when things may get quiet before the last bang of New Year’s, we indulge in the coziness of the cave for a moment to reflect on the year. We consider where we’ve been & engage in a powerful activity to cultivate new visions & begin their manifestation. We also explore how we may celebrate New Year’s Eve or Day in inspiring ways designed to help ourselves & others start the year off on the right foot.  

Register here.  

This online circle will give you:

• Tools & exercises to keep you connected to the true spiritual energies of the holidays.

• Inspiration & ideas for “priest/essing” your own holiday gatherings.

• Support for any shakiness or grief you may experience at this time.

• A concrete way to begin your new year in a positive way.

• Powerful individual mentoring session with Marguerite for personal guidance  

Abundance Exchange

Three monthly payments of $77. Includes 45-min mentoring call (valued at $189 alone).

What people get out of Marguerite’s webinars:

“In her online classes, Marguerite shares grounded tools that have given me more direct access to my intimate collaboration with the Universe. Her teachings feel like finely tuned chimes ringing truths that carry the potential for a re-birthing within me. My mentoring session catalyzed a remembering that continues to reverberate… I now feel more poised to navigate my inner realms.”
Heather Horbatt
dovepriestess. com

“You’ll love the sacred learning environment in which Marguerite expertly weaves ancient legends & myths with esoteric knowledge & transpersonal psychology. Enjoy being transported to a deeper place of inner knowing & personal & planetary healing!”
Joy Reichard, Transformational Coach Joyreichard. com  

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How to Make Your Holidays More Than Just a Blur This Year

A “Golden” Tip

OK, we’re firmly moving into the holy season of Mystery now. How can we be illuminated & steady at this time of increasing darkness (in the global north) & Norman Rockwell expectations, which can sometimes be triggering on many levels?

There’s one guaranteed tool to help us out as we get busier & more frenetic: Make time to be unbusy, quiet & inwardly focused. Call it meditation, prayer, what have you. A time when you sit in silence with your eyes closed & breathe. The purpose here is to relax the bodysettle the mindclear your energy field & get in touch with your inner guidance.

Think you don’t have time for it? Think how much time you waste on the Internet, Facebook email, or TV. Studies have shown – and you already know – these are serious addictions & time sucks. Turn media time into precious centering & nourishing time so you may navigate this holiday season as the truly sacred being you are. Let your higher guidance “message” you instead!  

How to Do a Golden Light Energy Healing Meditation

Here’s something to help you clear your space of negative emotion & thoughts, and dissolve any physical congestion, malaise, or pain in your body so that you may be more receptive to a sacred holiday experience.

I’ve developed this Golden Light Energy Healing Mediation based on techniques I’ve learned over the years. Visualizing light is effective on the quantum level and has real effects in the physical & energy body, as well as on the mind & spirit. Buddhist monks spend many hours visualizing all sorts of things for this very reason. Golden light is considered the highest vibrational frequency. It is at once nurturing and cleansing, while also affording spiritual protection.


• Sit in a chair or couch with feet flat on the floor.

• Close your eyes. Take 3 deep breaths in & out.

• Notice places holding tension & let it go. Let your spine straighten. Feel where you’re touching the earth through your feet & seat. Come fully inside your skin.

• Put your attention in your third eye, in the center of your head behind your eyes.

• See the center of Mother Earth as a large molten iron crystal. Visualize your entire abdomen as a tree trunk you send down to it, and see that trunk wrap around the crystal three times, pulling it snugly.

• Visualize the “Central Sun” out in the cosmos – a source of golden healing light & consciousness.

• With each breath in, see goldent light streaming from the Central Sun down your entire abdomen & into your limbs. Feel it nourishing you.

• With each exhale, see (& feel) that golden light dissolving & sending down your grounding trunk any physical pain, congestion, sensation connection with emotion, or anything you may not even see or feel that you don’t want or need in your space.

• Do this breathing for 10 minutes.

• After 10 minutes, still focusing in your third eye, open your attention to Higher Guidance. Tap into what this holiday means for you & what you are being guided to do for it. See if there’s any other “news” about your life. Ask specific questions – and receive the answers.

• Dwell with your guidance for 10 minutes.

• Gently open your eyes & jot down anything of note from the experience.

Again, to get the most out of your holiday, it’s important to get quiet & centered daily so you can receive guidance on what it’s all about for you.

Want a guided download of this meditation to help you? 

(Also good for those who also want to develop intuitive seeing). 
Contact us here. Cost: $20.



Want a truly spiritual holiday time (finally)?

Need support for the usual triggers?

Want to set up a better new year?

Then join us for… Putting the Sacred Back in Your Holidays Online Enlivenment & Support Circle  

Worldwide via phone or web, alternate Tues Nov 18 – Dec 30, 2014 Live calls noon Pacific; or listen later 

Empowermentssupport & teachings to help you plan for, experience & even lead the year’s-end holidays in a spiritually inspired way.

Stay connected to Source & even serve others in a sacred way as a beacon of authentic spiritual energy & celebration.  

Session 1: Nov 18 Experiencing & Inspiring True Gratitude

Session 2: Dec 2 Entering the December Mystery Month with Joy

Session 3: Dec 16 Holy, Holy, Holy: Dropping Deeper as We Get Closer

Session 4: Dec 30 Ringing in a Blessed New Year

Register here.

Be Trustworthy for Each Other

A Message for Working Spiritually in Groups

At a group meditation led by Jan Cercone in Sausalito, CA, last week, I received the following message: Those with spiritual leadership capacities are being called to do their work in groups with other people of power. This is especially important for women, who are restoring the ancient priestesshoods for modern times. In earlier history we were torn apart by pressures & violence, which led us to fragment in fear, turn on one another, and go into isolation. That contributed to our operating out of ego & being competitive. Working with other people of power can bring up uneasiness. But now is the time to restore the whole. 

Working together is more potent energetically than working alone –– and it is only that charged group work that will get the planet to awaken to the degree and with the speed that it must now. Working together was the principle behind the ancient chorus. A chorus was a grouping of people who would engage in sound harmonics together, offering them to the earth because they contained coded information & healing energies.

You cannot do harmony as a solo practitioner. 

It requires two or more working in synch. Everything you do – whether it be toning or meditating or visualizing or healing yourself or others – will be more powerful when done in harmonics with others. In order to work successfully in a spiritual group, however, there must be genuine trust. And that’s not just a matter of “trusting others.” In order to foster that trust, you must start by BEING trustworthy.

Examine every area of yourself, your attitude, your ways, and your life, and ask: Am I operating in integrity here? If not, do what it takes to do so & to clean up anything that’s not in right alignment within you.

For example:

• Working from a place of lack, and therefore finding yourself jealous or competitive with others? Do your abundance work, get your own finances in order, and be generous to others in your tribe. Support their work by attending their activities as you would want to be supported.

• Sniping or gossiping? Figure out why & address the issues directly with the parties involved, or shift your attitude & behavior.

• Not showing up fully or on time for things? Get clean with your time & energy commitments so that people know you can be counted on.

• Being stingy? Give more of everything, starting with money & gifting.

Once again, to help transform the planet, we must come together as people at the cutting edge of spirituality. To work together well, we must have trust. To have trust, we must BE trustworthy. To join in the discussion on this post, visit here & leave a comment.

With love,


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Discover the Magdalene in her elder years as an advanced ascending being. Redefine the value & role of the Female Elder through teachings & a ritual for healing, led by Sacred Men of the community.



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Cracking Up in San Quentin

My Day Behind Bars – & what we can do to help the men

I couldn’t believe the sheer courage & vulnerability. In rap verse, a San Quentin inmate poured out his longing for his true love – and his trust that she would come to him. Despite the fact that he’s incarcerated. And, I’d guess, probably for life. Many of us sat quietly weeping. And not just for this man, but for all imprisoned men, whose options are severely limited. And even for ourselves. Because who among us has not longed for the beloved & felt it might be as impossible a thing to happen as if we were in jail?

For two hours on Oct 17, people on the outside united with people on the inside through our sheer humanity as we participated in Parallel Play, a performance by incarcerated individuals & several drama therapy students from the California Institute of Integral Studies, held in the San Quentin chapel & directed by Marin Shakespeare Company’s Suraya Keating. My friend Devaa Haley Mitchell also works regularly with the fall production and helped with the music. Brava, Suraya & Devaa!

As many of you know, back in May, Seven Sisters Mystery School organized the San Quentin Healing Ceremony & Newspaper Fundraiser, an event that had people on the outside sending healing energies to people on the inside (and, in some cases, vice versa) in a synchronized meditation out on Ring Mountain in Tiburon, CA. Oct 17 was my first opportunity to actually set foot inside the prison & personally connect with some of the men.

Hungry for Anything

Everything I’d been told was true: The “Men in Blue” – a dress coding designating the “lesser security risk” men – were incredibly polite & hungry for contact, feedback, witnessing, friendship. Those performing & in the audience eagerly reached out for conversation. Their eyes were brightly lit, as though encountering a long lost favorite aunt.

It was clear that some of them had done profound inner work & had become, as my colleague AshEl Eldridge puts it, “gurus.” They carried serious wisdom, tempered through the cauldron of hell, something no one could take away from them now. Many of them were doing consciousness raising & social justice activism from within prison walls. Yes, they were mostly men of color, and this gashed my heart in a particularly deep way. Whatever their background, I kept thinking how devastated their mothers must be.

Revealing Scenes

Through monologues, movement pieces, songs, rap numbers & scenes, all written by the men themselves, the Men in Blue revealed personal stories. There was the former landscaper who shared about the time white folks hired his team sight unseen – only to be surprised when they showed up “in color.” There was the man who heard a divine voice telling him to visit his sick mother RIGHT THEN, a directive he was grateful he followed when he receive the call at 5 am the next morning that she was gone. There was the fellow who’d led an affair with two women simultaneously, a situation that ended badly & left him reflecting many years over his negative treatment of women – and issuing an apology on stage. There was the guy whose wife knifed him in the chest during an episode when their inner raging children had explosively come to the fore. And there was insane humor – the transgendered queen who was claiming her throne at San Quentin, the singer who’d spontaneously break into song when inspired by a woman, the buddies susceptible to female charms & cruising at parties & clubs with flowery seduction. We laughed as hard as we cried.

View videos of San Quentin productions of Shakespeare & Life Story Theater here!

Epic Stories & Eternal Remorse

Later I spoke with one of the men about how he’d landed in prison. He’d been a grad student at the time, with a drinking problem & a gun in his car used at the shooting range. One night, one random altercation in the parking lot of a bar, one impulsive trigger pull, one irreversible fatality. A mama’s boy from a foreign country, he found himself thrown into an even more alien land. In shame & without explanation, he cut ties with his extended family & girlfriend. His first ten years were spent in a severe guilt & self-loathing he took out on others. But he taught himself meditation & tai chi. And he has finally found his center. Still, he says, he feels terrible remorse every day, sorrow for the victim and his family. His mother is now dying, and he hasn’t seen her since 1997. I realized: All of the men’s stories are that epic.

What Can We Do?

See the sidebar to this post, below. Bear in mind that San Quentin has a robust roster of 3000 volunteers. They’re one of the more progressive correctional facilities. Many prisons in California – & everywhere – are less fortunate. Whether it’s San Quentin or another, find out how you may bring your gifts inside. There will be a volunteer coordinator or staff person who’s open to working with you. We could also do well to raise our awareness about what needs to transform in our prison system & society at large so that we may turn prisons into true healing places – and eventually not need such holding pens at all. And, of course, the epic journey to improve the world begins with the step to heal our own personal pain. We all need – & deserve – so much healing. I’m shown that if everyone focused on that wholeheartedly & completely, the planet would change radically & quickly.


How You Can Help

Want to link theater & social justice? Suraya Keating, the Shakespeare for Social Justice Director for Marin Shakespeare Company, and company managing director Lesley Currier dream up ways to expand the use of Shakespeare & Life Story Theater to help those touched by incarceration, as well as members of other marginalized groups. They’ve expanded into Solano State Prison & County Community School for at-risk youth. Their next dream? Bringing together at-risk youth with folks recently released from prison to perform Shakespeare & Life Story Theater. If you’re interested in donating or learning more about this program, contact Suraya here.


If you want to learn how to bring Shakespeare & Life Story Theater to marginalized groups, Marin Shakespeare is offering Nov 14-16 its first “Shakespeare for Social Justice Instructor Training Program.” Participation leads to an optional internship at one of Marin Shakespeare’s various prison sites or an internship with at-risk youth.

View videos of San Quentin productions of Shakespeare & original theater here!


Feeling generous? Donate to San Quentin News, CA’s only inmate-run newspaper & a valuable source of info for the men, who have no access to the Web or outside resources. The paper is expanding so that it may reach every CA state inmate. Visit here, click on Support, go to the bottom of the paragraph & click “Here.” A spare $40 will get you 12 monthly issues. Great paper; chock full of news relevant to the prison system & social justice.


Want to help prevent incarceration? Help homeless youth with personal care items.

The San Quentin Kid C.A.T. program, founded by men who grew up in prison & have matured into a community that cares for others, is under way with its next Hygiene Drive to help at-risk youth. The program is collecting the following hygiene items, which will be distributed to various non-profits in San Francisco that serve homeless youth: Deodorant Body Wash Floss or floss picks Shampoo Conditioner Hand Sanitizer Toothbrushes Toothbrush containers Toothpaste Loofas Feminine Hygiene Items Hair Brushes Socks Drop off your products Dec 13, 10 am – noon, First Presbyterian Church, 1510 Fifth Ave, San Rafael, CA. They’ll accept cash donations if you don’t have the time to shop! For more info contact Dolan Beaird here.


Inspired by this to step into your spiritual calling more fully?

Marguerite offers the following programs, some of which are available via phone or Skype:

• Private Priestess Mentoring Half-Day Immersion

 Sacred Career Development Half-Day Session

• Spiritual Mentoring for Men Half-Day Immersion 

• Two-Month Mentoring Program for all genders

• Individual clairvoyant readings.

Contact us here for a reduced rate first-time session with Marguerite.

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The Evolution Was Not Being Televised!

PIX & Ponderings from the Amazing Be the Peace Global Hub Event

Mystical peeps, take note! Nearly 3000 callers & people in 1176 locations around the world joined in for the Be the Peace Global meditation on Sept 21. In El Cerrito, CA, where we broadcast the call with co-producer David Nicol, we had nearly 40 Bay Area folks anchoring the event. There was hardly a dry eye or a hair that did not stand on end when our point person in Israel uttered May Peace Prevail” on the line in both Hebrew & Arabic. Hearing the mantra in languages one by one from folks around the planet, we felt we’d entered the “mystical resonant field” of peace that we’d intended, one supported by both seen & unseen Allies in this planetary transformation work. Politics & esoteric spirituality united for the 2.5 hours of our ceremonial event & the hour plus on the live call.

The evolution was being telephoned but it wasn’t being televised!

As we joined hearts in loving meditation for Peace, here was the real, magical work unfolding. We had gone way over the radar into the net of consciousness connecting us all. It was familiar, familial & eerily futuristic all at once. It was subtle activism at some of its best.

Our Ceremony – Uniting Shadow & Light

In our opening ceremony, we took care to honor energies of both Light & Shadow, Peace & Strife, and all seeming opposites. Thus we used the guiding geometry of the Vesica Pisces for our altar: the two circles that intersect. This represented the embrace of duality and the things that seem to separate us. For, as the Guides have shown me, if you want to have a culture of Peace, you must also carefully honor the Energies of War.

The almond that is created by the two circles joining is the place of common ground, of mutual interests. It is where we are united in our humanity, where we may negotiate our needs & view one another with compassion. We also offered living embodiments of the opposites: Samantha Sinclair incorporating the energy of Irene, the Goddess of Peace, and Maura Torkildson putting on the Mantle of the Shadow. We led participants in an alchemical process to balance the Light & Shadow within ourselves. In this way we anchored the energies for the subsequent broadcast!

I was incredibly proud of the ceremonial leadership & creativity offered by those who led the ritual with me: Joy Reichard, Patti O’Luanaigh, Lillie Falco-Adkins, Laura Vitcov Belzer, Charles Flores, Astrid Hutchison, Heidi Chretien, Randy Gale, Maura Torkildson & Samantha Sinclair.
I was also awed by the visionary leadership, hearted presence, mystical understanding & inspired guided meditation of David Nicol, who co-produced the Be the Peace event, and Phillip Hellmich, who coordinated it through the Shift Network, which provided the infrastructure for the broadcast.  

Will Our Event Change the World?

I gotta believe yes. When I felt the love & good intentions of all those in the room and on the call who were speaking, listening, writing in, going to the Global Care room & talking about the meditation events they were doing simultaneously around the world, I had a strong sense: This is making a difference. If nothing else, and this is big: It inspired us all to generate Peace in our own hearts. I, for example, was committed to being More Peaceful that day, and I 95 percent succeeded. I relaxed when things weren’t going exactly as I’d planned on any given detail. I was pleasant & present to others. I contributed to our group field in positive ways, and we had beautiful cohesion. I realized more clearly than ever: There’s no real difference between my road rage or rudeness to telemarketers on the one hand, and abusive behavior of parents toward children, neighbors toward neighbors, or countries toward countries on the other. It’s all non-Peaceful. And what we really, really need is Peace.

Plant a “Seed Crystal” for Peace

If you want to make a difference, we recommend you take a crystal & clear it of old energies by embedding it in a pile of salt overnight. Then place it in your hand, transmit into it a prayer or intention for peace (in your heart or personal world, or the world at large) & then plant it in the ground. Given its esoteric properties, which scientists are only beginning to tap, your crystal will serve as a beacon for the peace energies you “program” it with. Let the unseen Allies do the rest. Invoke Peace into your body & life each morning.

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And to see photos & comments about the global call, visit the Be the Peace Facebook page here

In Light & Shadow,

AND Join us next Tues eve for…

Primordial Womb Ceremony with Amoraea Heal & Reclaim Your Holy of Holies

An evening for women & willing men 

Tues Sept 30 7:30–10 pm

Hillside Community Church 1422 Navellier St, El Cerrito, CA


In our hour of greatest personal & planetary need, the Goddess calls us to return to Her by restoring the Sacred Womb within…  

During this eve, we’ll:

* Re-sanctify our connection to Mother Goddess

* Activate the Shakti Force

Re-birth & heal our perinatal experience

* Consecrate, purify & potentiate our womb space (men, too!)

* Engage in Light Conception & open our womb as a stargate

* Activate our Planetary Service for healing the split

Register HERE   Learn more about Amoraea here.


If you’re drawn to Amoraea’s event, you may also be interested in Marguerite’s previously recorded webinar…

Reclaiming Our Starry Origins

Cosmic Womb Power to Guide Your Sacred Path  

Includes fascinating modules:

• Awakening to the Cosmic Womb

• Reconnecting with the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades

• The Sacred Bee

PLUS: Mentoring session with Marguerite   For info & to purchase this webinar, visit here.  

Did You Know Peace Is a GODDESS?

Yes, and we’ll INVOKE her Sept 21 at Be the Peace hub event!

How is it that most of us have missed the fact that Peace is a real goddess, recognized by the Greeks?

We’ve heard of & worked with so many other deities, but, by and large, this one has eluded us. That we’ve skipped over Peace says it all –– and really is no surprise. Take a look at our lives & the world. No more! On Sept. 21 she will be a cherished and honored presence at the LIVE AUDIO TELECAST of one of the world’s largest global synchronized meditations –– Be the Peace!

Reserve your seat for this event here.  

Who Is the Goddess Peace?

To the Greeks she was known as as Eirene (or Irene), daughter of Themis (Divine Law & Order) and the sister of Dike (Justice) and Eunomia (Order). She was worshipped at altars and in temples in Athens & Rome. On coins she carried a cornucopia in one hand, and an olive branch (or staff of Hermes) in the other. Sometimes also she appears in the act of burning a pile of arms, or carrying corn-ears in her hand or upon her head. In the ancient texts, we hear she is a nurse of children. From this we see that Peace/Irene is the nurturer of children who is associated with abundance. Peace, plenty, progeny. They all go together –– along with divine law (karma), justice, and order. How much we need these blessed essences to be strengthened on our planet!  

How We Will Honor Peace/Irene on Sept 21

At the Be the Peace live hub event on Sept 21 in El Cerrito, CA, we’ll start by having one of the sacred women of Seven Sisters Mystery School, the lovely Samantha Sinclair, embody this goddess in living form. Samantha will carry her cornucopia and olive branch, radiating the energy of peace and goodwill to all who enter and TO THE WORLD. Then, in our ceremony to set the stage for the live global call, we will honor and invoke this goddess, thereby helping to RESTORE HER ENERGY IMPRINT on the planet as the living energy she is. Whether you choose to see IRENE as an archetype or a Real Being, we hope you will come and join your intentions with ours to strengthen this energy in our world by joining us for the Be the Peace live, in-person hub on Sun Sept 21.  

Again, register for the in-person global hub event HERE!  

In Peace, Justice, Order & Love,


Reserve your seat now for

Be the Peace!

LIVE In-Person Global Meditation Event

Sun Sept 21 10:30 am – 1:30 pm

Hillside Community Church El Cerrito, CA


Come IN-PERSON to co-create a potent global field of peace on the International Day of Peace!


Together at Hillside Community Church, we will anchor the LIVE AUDIO TELECAST of one of the world’s largest global synchronized meditations.


Register NOW here.

Evolutionary Activism

How Using Group Meditation Can Shift the Planet AND Why the Be the Peace Event Is Worth Your Time on Sept 21

Can meditating for peace –– or anything else –– help foster it in the world?

According to esoteric teachings and even scientific research from the fields of parapsychology & distance healing, as well as from specific research initiatives like the Global Consciousness Project & the “Maharishi Effect,” the answer is YES! Various teachers throughout the ages, including contemporary ones such as Sanaya Roman & Esther Hicks, to name just a couple, all agree that what you put your attention on grows. Many of us are experimenting with this in our personal lives, and finding that we can create a heck of a lot more than we thought we could through what we focus on –– be it positive or negative.

Now it’s time to put our minds and hearts TOGETHER in a new form of social change work called SUBTLE ACTIVISM. By meditating together with unified intentions –– either simultaneously or at different times on the same thought –– we can create powerful fields on the planet to MAKE CHANGE FOR THE GOOD.

It works through the through the quantum principle of nonlocal causality –– the reality that what you think, do, or say on one level can affect aspects of the time/space continuum in non-linear ways because it is all interconnected in what Greg Braden calls the DIVINE MATRIX. As you know, existence is a very malleable illusion, so you may as well craft it to your liking.

Certain intelligences and entities Don’t Want Us to Know This. They keep us hopeless, despairing, and unmotivated because they get food out of those energies.

Get Subtly Busy

RISE UP! WAKE UP! SHAKE UP! Imagine, from the comfort of your own living room or meditation cushion you can create world peace. Sí, se puede!! You have two modes of doing so this Sept 21.

One mode is to come be with us in El Cerrito, CA, at Hillside Community Church, for HUB CENTRAL of the Be the Peace telecall that will be broadcast globally to more than 16,000 registrants worldwide! 

You may reserve your seat for that in-person event here.

The other, if you can’t be with us physically, is to be with us psychically by registering for the call here. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s why you’ve incarnated now –– to be part of the mobilization of Unity Consciousness. Yes, Shift Happens, but it happens more quickly if you move the gear.

More on Subtle Activism DavidNicolphoto

I’m honored to be helping to set the space for Be the Peace live global call through a special ceremony conducted with sacred women and men of Seven Sisters Mystery School. We start at 10:30 am at Hillside Community Church in El Cerrito, CA, on Sept 21. From there, my friend and colleague David Nicol will lead the global call live and in person. Through the GaiaField Project, which he helped found, David has been bringing together dozens of socially engaged American spiritual teachers and thousands of participants for a series of online meditation and prayer events for several years now.

David is one of the wisest, most loving, and principled men I know. Like me, he got his doctorate at the California Institute of Integral Studies. His cutting-edge dissertation on subtle activism will be published as a book with SUNY Press in 2015. I’m thrilled to be with this peaceful warrior and world expert on subtle activism.

Here’s what he writes in his forthcoming book Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation: “Subtle activism involves the use of consciousness-based practices like meditation and prayer for the purposes of collective transformation, as in a global meditation intended to support the peaceful resolution to an international conflict. “In straddling the worlds of spirituality and social change, subtle activism represents a bridge between the consciousness movement and the movements for peace, environmental sustainability, and social justice.”  


JOIN US for Be the Peace 2014, live and in person (or, if you can’t bring your body, bring your ears to the live call). Again, register for the in-person global hub event HERE!

In love & peace,
Marguerite Be_the_Peace

Reserve your seat now for

Be the Peace!

LIVE In-Person Global Meditation Event

Sun Sept 21  10:30 am – 1:30 pm

Hillside Community Church El Cerrito, CA

Come IN-PERSON to co-create a potent global field of peace on the International Day of Peace!

Together at Hillside Community Church, we will anchor the LIVE AUDIO TELECAST of one of the world’s largest global synchronized meditations.

Register NOW here.



Did You Know?

According to the fascinating research of David Nicol, here are some real examples of subtle activism:

• Indian sage Sri Aurobindo said he successfully wielded advanced yogic powers in psychic warfare with the Nazis from his bedroom in Pondicherry, India.

• Esoteric teacher Dion Fortune led the “Magical Battle of Britain,” project to strengthen the will of the British people during World War II through visualization techniques by a small London-based focalizing group & a wider national network.  

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne and his Sarvodaya network led massive peace meditations in Sri Lanka in the 1990s to help facilitate a peaceful resolution to the Sri Lankan civil war.

• The “Be The Peace” event on September 21, 2013, linked more than 500 meditation gatherings in 59 countries worldwide in shared intention to support a shift to a planetary culture of peace.