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Divine Feminine Power for Healing & Spiritual Awakening

Heal Yourself & Our World by Reclaiming Guinevere, Arthur, the Fae & the Round Table

An on-demand course led by Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

Understand how drawing the links between Christ-Sophia Consciousness, the Essenes, Guinevere & Arthur, and our Faery kin can lead you to greater healing in your life and to receive transmissions to power your own spiritual mission with the energies of the awakening Avalon for the good of humankind

Are you eager to raise up your Christ-Sophia heart as a critical element for your own spiritual evolution & the turning around of a world in crisis?

A veil is now lifting on the epoch of Queen Guinevere and King Arthur, revealing a mystery of many levels that holds important keys to help us rebalance the Feminine and Masculine, relink with the Subtle Realms within Nature, restore our inner connection with the Divine, and co-create world harmony.

This course is based on the understanding that these great beings ~ along with others like Merlin, the Knights, and the power women associated with this retinue ~ were real people who merged the lineages of the Essenes and the Sidhe/Fae in service to humanity. And that only now, in this time of great tribulation, are they fully accessible to us as role models for our own spiritual awakening.

Want an introduction to the teachings of this course? Request this compelling interview with Marguerite.

Unveiling the Secrets of Guinevere & Arthur

You Will Learn More About:

  • Guinevere’s literally magical origins & lineage… and the distortion of her legend by patriarchy
  • Arthur’s divine birth & Merlin’s role in it
  • How the Faeries were related to all of this & how they beckon us to reunite with them to heal today
  • How these histories have powerful medicine for us today

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The Course Includes These Unique Modules

CLASS 1: Guinevere & Arthur as Faery, Arthur as Divinely Born King ~ Restoring the Sacred Marriage Template

In this class you will:

  • Tease out the lineages of Guinevere and Arthur in fascinating new way.
  • Reclaim Guinevere as a royal interdimensional queen.
  • Understand these two major planetary beings as emanations and emissaries of the Faery and Christ-Sophia consciousness.
  • Awaken yourself as the crowned King and Queen Christ-Sophia.
  • Restore the healthy hieros gamos/sacred marriage in your life and on earth as an essential element for the rebalancing of our planet.

CLASS 2: The Rise & Fall of Divine Birth in Avalon ~ Reclaiming Our Inner Grail

In this class you will:

  • Understand the true nature of the Round Table as a unifying tool brought by Guinevere/the Feminine and the Faeries.
  • Work with the 13 Knights’ and the 13 Ladies’ tables, and unite them as one for restorative gridwork on the planet.
  • Experience the Round Table as a personal tool for transformation and healing in your own life.
CLASS 3: Working the Round Table Technology ~ Establishing Unity & Harmony Inside & Out

In this class you will:

  • Explore the probable propaganda of the Guinevere-Lancelot affair and its relation to the discrediting and disempowerment of Magdalene/the Feminine.
  • Lift the veil on the divine births of Merlin and Galahad, and the distorted divine birth of Mordred.
  • Uncover the “cloning” of Guinevere and the interference with her divine conception through Arthur.
  • Look at the hijacking of royal lineages by controller forces, and the implications of this for our world.
  • Come to understand the “Grail” as our inner unity with the divine.
  • Engage with the “Castle” as an inner-dimensional realm for initiation to achieve the Grail Unification/Divine Birth within.
CLASS 4: Activating Your Faery DNA

In this class you will:

  • Call on Queen Guinevere to assist you in plucking the DNA strings of your own Faery lineages (which reside in all people).
  • Practice seeing the Fae.
  • Play with them to co-create joy in your life and a positive New Earth, timeline filled with abundance, creativity, love, and a thriving environment.
  • Learn how to create Leprechaun altars for abundance.

With This Course You also Receive

  • Downloadable meditations to practice the IN-scension tools offered in the class modules.
  • Exclusive discount codes for the Awakening to Our Fairy Kin and Gods We Trust online courses, both wonderful companion pieces to this journey.
  • Specially-priced mentoring sessions with Marguerite: Going Deeper into Christ-Sophia Consciousness. These sessions will give you the personal attention you need so you may integrate the material, go deeper and broader in your sacred work, and re-activate your Avalonian Mission. Marguerite serves you in these sessions in her oracle state, calling on the Great Beings of Avalon, as well as Jesus and the Marys, as guides. Details for purchase will come on the class page when you register.
  • A lively private Facebook group for discussion, sharing, community building, and integration!

AND You’ll Come Away With

  • A more fully developed Christ-Sophia consciousness for accelerating your spiritual growth & fulfilling your sacred mission.
  • Tools for creating balance, harmony, and unity in your life and in our world.
  • A practice for communicating with the Faery realm more consistently to experience greater joy and abundance in life.

Take Up Your Royalty!

Your awakened Christ-Sophia heart is a critical element for your own healing and the turning around of a world in crisis. Be part of our journey together and receive the transmissions to power your own spiritual mission with the energies of the awakening Avalon for the good of humankind!

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