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Plasma Light Body Teachings…

… from Our June Cacao Ceremony

“Your soul consciousness is the meeting of light and matter.”
– Marguerite’s Cacao Oracle, June 6, 2024

I just hosted a tremendous Cacao ceremony on 6/6, designed to help our community expand our light through solar rays of love, and it was so powerful that I decided to share here some of what came through.

I’ve been particularly fascinated with the idea of the “Plasma Light Body” since William Henry and I began conversing earlier this year. What is this light body, and how do we amplify it?

Mama Cacao did not disappoint, allowing the insights to come flooding through so that I could guide people in a lived experience of light.

Here are the highlights:

Light is holographically everywhere, all at once, within and around your body. You can close your eyes and feel its tingling. You can sense it as an infinite vast net of starlight, and you can bring it even more alive with your thought. The night sky is but a metaphor for your inner light.

Light is where matter and energy are united. Your soul is the meeting of light and matter. It’s your consciousness.

The light within is the dancing flame of Source Eternity. It is a permanent fixture of who we are, our core truth.

The light of our sun in this solar system is within. The same light permeates the largest, brightest star and the smallest quark. The outer sun is your inner sun, and you can give birth to it, many many times over.

We are thus the Light Beings, the Marys, the Magdalenes, the Christos, the Star Beings.

When the light leaves the body at the end of the earth walk, it can take time for that passage, which we see as the decay of the body. Great masters like Mother Mary, Jesus, and other saints, however, can fully take all of their light with them at the time of this passage, resulting in the very quick disappearance of the physical body and the quasar-like burst of light above the body. This is the “rainbow body” phenomenon.

May these understandings quicken your light and illuminate your path.


  1. Bailey

    The wee bit of Oracle that Mother God has given me has allowed me to see fellow Earth travelers that are “stuck” in their physical bodies!!
    She has allowed my perception to see how our Souls are co-mingles with the flesh and how really quite seprerate each is.
    Glory to the Heavens, the Grand Creative Force that I see in the Body of Mother Nature, Mother God and Her Earthly Sisters!!!!

    • Marguerite Rigoglioso

      Bailey, I, too, saw that the light body/consciousness is like a cloak that intermingles with the body but can also be “taken off.” I see it as both separate and integrated… paradoxical but isn’t that the way of our Universe?


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