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Awakening To Our Fairy Kin

We’re living in remarkable times in which humanity is awakening to realities that for hundreds of years have been considered the stuff of fable.

Come learn more in this fabulous on-demand course led by Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

Does any of this resonate?

  • You don’t care if people say fairies aren’t real. You’re still fabulously curious & drawn!
  • You have a deep love for Mother Earth & a fascination with the wild, plants, natural healing remedies & more.
  • You had Faery friend as a child who was very real to you.
  • You’ve had sightings, experiences of, or messages from the Faeries in 3D, altered states, or dreams.

Or Even….

  • You don’t really feel at home with other humans, are very sensitive & feel uncomfortable in your own body or may even have congenital or chronic physical issues.
  • You LOOK like a fairy, elf, or dwarf in some way & may even FEEL you’re a Faery.
  • You long to make sense of your experiences, share them & be believed, and understand what this means for you.

If one or more of the above applies to you, then the Faeries may be calling you – and they may even be your kin!

Around the world there are terms for magical beings – known by some as the fairies, Fae, or Fey – who dwell in another dimension that overlaps with our world. It can be accessed on purpose by wise people & seers, by accident by drunken fools or unsuspecting travelers, and without effort by children…

For several years now, Marguerite has been receiving messages from the Fae in ceremony, through intuition & in her work with clients. She’s blogged about some of what she’s received, sparking HUNDREDS of ONGOING responses from people identifying with what she’s saying.

Marguerite Rigoglioso – whose name in French & Italian means BLOOMING DAISY! – was shown recently that because of her own karmic history, academic background & oracle training, she’s been “nudged” by the Faeries to “teach” about them.

In the Awakening to Our Fairy Kin Course, You’ll Learn About:

  • Secrets of where these wild beings “dwell.”
  • The connection between Faeries, humans, and the natural world.
  • The numerous Fae races, their global presence, and how they are similar to and yet different from other inter-dimensional/extra-terrestrial beings.
  • The holocausted history of the Faery race.
  • Why they’re knocking at our door more insistently now.
  • How to relate to them.
  • “Changeling” lore, Faeries hybriding with humans… and whether you yourself may be a Human-Faery hybrid & what this means for you.
  • How working with the Fae can enhance your life – and how you may contribute to theirs.
  • How you can use this knowledge to move deeper into your role as a spirit worker.

With this course, you build your understanding of who the Faeries are, what they’re about, and what we are supposed to do with all this! And, YOU PLAY! “Playwork” consist of imagining, visioning, conversing & playing with these beings – in your yards, your neighborhoods and your local wild areas.

This program includes FOUR 90 min modules that offer teachings, tools, meditations, practices to help you deepen your connection to the Fae.

You’ll come away from this experience with a relationship with a Faery ally that you can build on. A practice for playing with the Fae more consistently. Inspiration for integrating your Faery connection into your sacred mission. Expanded consciousness to assist with your ascension/in-scension. A human life of more delight, fun & pleasure.

Class 1:
Who Are the Faeries
Why Are They Calling Us?

Class 2:
Faery History, ETs
Finding Your Faery Friend

Class 3:
Faery-Human Hybriding
What This Means for Us

Class 4:
Using Our Fae Bond to Be Better Earth Citizens & Move into Higher Consciousness

Please come join Awakening To Our Fairy Kin and unite with the Fae in this journey of discovery! Expect some fun, some magic…
and even some good-natured mischief!

This online course can be purchased alone for just $94 or with a 60-min private clairvoyant Enter the Faery Realm Soul Reading session with Marguerite for $297. (This is a great deal because a single session with Marguerite is $247.)

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This is an excellent companion to the above course that dedicates an entire class to ACTIVATING YOUR FAIRY DNA, in addition to exploring King Arthur & Queen Guinevere as Faery Royalty!