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Welcome to the World of the Faeries & Sidhe!

(pronounced She)

Below are some resources to help you in your journey to connect with the realms of these REAL beings beyond the veil – friends and allies who are ready at a moment’s notice to bring profound healing, joy, creativity, and the spice of magic to your life and our world.

Are You a Faery-Human Hybrid?

Among the hundreds of people I’ve given readings to over the past 5 years, I’ve encountered people who are, well, not entirely human.

This is no joke, and from my clairvoyant perspective, it’s time to acknowledge a level of genetic diversity among homo sapiens sapiens that’s been veiled from us for quite some time… READ MORE HERE

How Fae/Faeries Cross-Bred with Us

The short story is that the interdimensional beings known broadly as the Fey (which include many races, such as Fairies, Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves & more) have undertaken what for them is a dangerous mission of cross-breeding with humans to get us to awaken… READ MORE HERE

How to Work with/as the Fae

Many of you have asked me: So what do I do if I know I’m Fey? How do I fulfill my mission?

Here are some suggestions if you feel you have Fey DNA …

Marguerite Reveals Her Fae Heritage

And hear her channel on what Fairy “Wings” mean

PLUS get Lazaris workshop highlights on Fairy Realms

“Am I a human-fairy hybrid?” I asked the Fairy realms… READ MORE HERE

How the Faeries Are Healing Me

I recently sat in meditation & told our Faery allies in the subtle realms that I was making a commitment to be in service to bridging our worlds. I also burned my contracts with the Underworld, with which I’d been closely associated for decades now as a priestess. Little did I know this would spell a nearly immediate, huge & positive change in my life. READ MORE HERE

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Free Audio Transmissions on Faeries

Earth Healing Synchronized Ceremony

We gave our world another infusion of conscious awareness through our Earth Healing Synchronized Ceremony at Roy’s Redwoods Preserve in Woodacre, CA back in 2018.

You can still participate by joining in the ceremony through the audio below and following along in the NO-TIME.

May it inspire you to invite the Faeries into your community in similar ways!

Faery-Inspired Oracles by Marguerite

Enjoy this 2-part audio with fascinating live audience Q&A as well as Marguerite/Dove’s oracle transmission on the fairies by clicking on the play bars below:

Marguerite/Dove Offers Dharma Teachings

Specifically designed to help us through trying times. From her Goddess Self emerges guidance on issues such as:

  • Why it’s so important to work with the Faeries & Sidhe now, and how they can help you come out of fear and live with joy.
  • How to train ourselves to look for the blessing in any situation – as a step toward 5th dimensional consciousness.
  • How to heal cultural troubles amplified by the media circus (including recent hearings) in deeper spiritual ways.
  • And other fascinating esoteric insights.

Free Videos from Marguerite on Faeries

Marguerite speaks about her fairy inspirations and what has led her to offer a class about fairies. The video pixilates at certain points and she looks as though she is shapeshifting into her 5D fairy self!

Another trippy video talking about the fairies where Marguerite pixie-lates into 5D reality and they start dancing for much of the film! She shares about why coming into fairy consciousness is critical to our shamanic education & the healing of our world.

Learn how to align with our closest Earth friends, the Fey, to advance your consciousness, increase your delight quotient & be part of the healing solution. Find out if you have fairy “DNA” & ignite your mission.

This is a live & lively call (originally recorded on Facebook) with Marguerite Rigoglioso & Maura McCarley Torkildson on why the fairies are calling you and how to connect with them through trees Fascinating! Fun! Fairy-full in a really grounded way!

In a Mama Cacao ceremony, Marguerite tuned into a topic she taught at the Fairy-Human Relations Congress: Mary and Jesus as masters in the lineage of our allies on the other side of the veil known as the Sidhe (a faery race). In this audio, you’ll hear remarkable information that came through on what that means and what such a possibility offers you as an evolving spiritual person.

Order the complete Jesus & Mary as Sidhe Beings Workshop as part of our Low Cost Workshops Bundle HERE.