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Divine Feminine Power for Healing & Spiritual Awakening


Monthly Mary & Magdalene
Empowerments Circle

Drink deeply at this monthly well of love, wisdom, support & spiritual activation!

What is an empowerment?

“In an EMPOWERMENT, the master transmits the realization of a particular quality to the initiate. This is not a bestowing of something to the initiate that they do not have. An empowerment activates a quality that is dormant, obscured by habitual patterns.”

Would you love…

…to have your innate spiritual qualities awakened & amplified each month by the timeless Masters of Wise Love known as the Marys?

…a regular sanctuary where you can leave the stresses of 3D behind for a blissful 90 minutes of peace, healing, nourishment & community?

…the personal guidance of the evolutionary spirits of Mother Mary & Magdalene in your life?

This Circle offers you a profound oasis of tranquility & spiritual recalibration. It’s nothing less than a lifeline in these times of stress & strife.

The energies we bring in together of the real Mother Mary as Master Avatar and Goddess ~ and Mary Magdalene as Personal Mentor & Master of IN-Scension ~ will keep you steady and thriving amidst the personal and global challenges.

In 2024, this circle is also THE place to receive up-to-the-minute Mary-inspired teachings and news from Marguerite to help keep you on track!

Subscribe & join us every third Thursday for a low monthly price!

This MONTHLY Circle is a “membership” like no other.
In it, you will…

Be held & fed by the Divine Feminine Elixir of Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene through healing meditations, transmissions & guidance from the realm of the Marys channeled by Marguerite.

  • Receive light codes to further activate your Divine Human Blueprint.
  • Open to your own inner messages from Mother Mary & the Magdalene for direction & support.
  • Get “bigger picture” information inspired by Mary wisdom.

Each month, this Circle gives you a trusted place that allows you to:

  • Clear, ground, and energetically reset and uplift yourself.
  • Release stress and relax.
  • Lift yourself out of any emotional pit and return to your spiritual essence.
  • Be fortified for loving kindness toward yourself & others at this time of great challenge.
  • Carry out wise new solutions in your life.
  • Emerge feeling renewed, strengthened, and more resilient for facing life’s challenges.

What you get with your subscription to the Circle

  • An hour of guided journeying with the Marys on a thrilling new theme of healing and empowerment each month, plus a Marys-inspired oracle transmission by Marguerite, and her latest Mary news and teachings.
  • An optional extra half hour of group sharing from the heart to build community and feel seen, held, and supported.
  • A separate audio segment of the guided meditation, so that you can repeat it throughout the month to keep yourself elevated in between gatherings.
  • An inspiring suggested play activity that will keep you flowing with the Mary energies of love and wisdom until the next circle.
  • Access to the Seven Sisters Mystery School’s library of vital talks on spiritual protection, personal healing, sacred career development, and more.
  • Special pricing on courses and complementary access to special events.


The Marys

Our Theme: Stir Soul-stice Pleasure with the Marys

The Marys are not JUST all about love and light… they’re also about helping you feel joy in being on the planet! So in the June circle, timed for Solstice, the Marys will rev up your FUN FACTOR! For those in the global north, the Marys will help you vision your expansive summer. For those in the global south who are in the midst of winter, what better thing to do than to bring more play into your life at this time! We’ll stir up our inner children and set the energies for a season of ultimate pleasure ~ whether it’s about cavorting in the sunshine, finding bliss in the shade or air conditioning, or hunkering down with the inner fires. Wheee!

Some of our empowering previous themes have included

Mother Love: Feeling Connected with the Great Mother​
Healing Sexual Shame Thru the Unconditional Love of the Marys
Comfort and Clarity Through Divine Mother’s Holy Womb
Mother Mary as Midwife: Rebirthing Your Inner Divine Child
Full Radiance Sacred Heart Activation
Activate Unity & Harmony Codes Within Your DNA
Drawing on Mary’s Power to Seed Your Intentions
Divine Love with Mother Mary & Magdalene
Divine Fathering from the Christed Master: Healing Patriarchal Wounding with
Jesus & the Divine Masculine
And many more since 2021

Be served by Marguerite’s special Mary wisdom

The Mary & Magdalene energies, as transmitted through Marguerite, are a powerful resource to help you achieve all of what this Circle offers. These energies have been cultivated through Marguerite’s two decades of engagement with the Blessed Mother & her Sacred Mentee Magdalene on multiple levels ~ culminating in the release of her most recent book, The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception: Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births, and the forthcoming 2024 release of her next book, The Secret Life of Mother Mary!

What members say bout this phenomenal circle….

“I have been a member of this sacred circle for more than a year and I have gleaned an immeasurable amount of blessings, insights, and wisdom from my participation. Each monthly call offers a specially themed guided meditation from which we receive the beautiful gift of Marguerite’s oracular insights and divinely guided teaching. We are given a facility for deep dive into our own psyches and divinatory spaces with the opportunity to exchange our discoveries and messages with the group, enriching both our shared and individual experiences through immense love, pure light, and immaculate beauty. There is no cap on how much I recommend this indispensable monthly gathering of delightful souls lovingly led by Marguerite’s deep wisdom, vast experience, and open heartedness. It is a blessed balm in our increasingly chaotic, unsettling times that is instrumental to cultivating inner peace, joy, and overall wellness so we can truly”

~ Claudine-Michele Strazza

“I have been on a path of discovering the Marys the past two years, but only with this Circle have I directly experienced their grace and wisdom. With Marguerite’s guidance, the Circle is a sacred place to embody the exquisite female frequency of Love transmitted from the Marys.”

~ Lynn Ehrhart

Authentic transmissions of spiritual insight and empowerment come only through a teacher who has direct knowledge and relationship with the Source of that knowledge. Marguerite is such a teacher. She has lived for many years the guiding wisdom of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. Her Empowerment Circles are living, ever-evolving spheres of the divine presence of the Marys, the
presence offered to our human family that we may awaken to our true nature of Love. When you attend you will be nourished with authentic transmissions, and encouraged and supported to embody your own direct knowledge and relationship with the divine Marys.”

~ Vajra Ma, Elder Priestess, founder of the mystery school Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood

You can join us live or in replay

The Monthly Mary & Magdalene Empowerments Circle will be offered LIVE via Zoom on the THIRD THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH.

Time of LIVE circles:
10 am – 11:30 am Pacific Time; 1 pm – 1:30 pm Eastern Time; 6 pm – 7:30 pm UK
3:00 am  – 4:30 am Friday ~ Sydney, Australia

[Please use this time zone converter to check the time in your area.]

Dates of Upcoming Live Circles in 2024:
Thursday, June 20
Tuesday, July 16 ~ Marguerite’s Book Birthing Party!
Thursday, August 15
Thursday, September 19

Mark your calendars in an ongoing fashion for the THIRD THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH!

Can’t make it live? No problem, you can experience the circles in replay and access them indefinitely through your membership platform!

The Monthly Mary & Magdalene Empowerments Circle is offered in a monthly subscription format. And to make it as accessible to you as possible, we’re offering it for the incredibly low subscription price of $27 a month.

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By subscribing above, you understand that your account will be charged monthly, on an ongoing basis, for as long as this circle is offered. You may cancel your subscription at any time through the Membership Site.

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