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Divine Feminine Power for Healing & Spiritual Awakening

Sacred Relationship & Sexual Healing with Magdalene & Jesus

Claiming True Intimacy & Erotic Power

On-Demand Online Course – Open for Registration

Open to all people.
Led by Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

Let’s face it, religion has been used to distort sexuality and relationships in ways that have affected our lives deeply.

But the shining new image that’s been revealed of Magdalene and Jesus as harmonious love partners serves as a model for all of us who want…

…happy and strong relationships
…fulfilling and sacred sexual relating
…healing from our sexual wounds & traumas

It’s time now to work with these great Masters as mentors to help us with the clearing, guidance & tools we need so that we may experience the inner well-being that is our birthright.


“This is actually very(!!) applicable to difficult relationships between men!!” ~ J. H.

In the Sacred Relationship & Sexual Healing with Magdalene & Jesus course, you will “get down” into the pelvic bowl of creation to discover its mysteries in fascinating and stimulating ways that will have real effects in your intimate, relational, and creative life.

Marguerite will uncover for you mystical sexual information that has been hidden in the ancient texts, weaving it together with her inner conversations with Magdalene and Jesus. You’ll be gifted with key insights and solutions to help you reclaim your erotic energy for both love and life more broadly.

Through processes and ceremonies guided weekly by the true essence of Magdalene and Jesus, you’ll be able to more fully embrace and enhance your own sensual energy, no matter what your age. You’ll be empowered to be more high-vibe in love relationships with others. And you’ll have more spark and energy for your creativity.

Together, we will unite Sex and Spirit in an all new, vitally creative, and supremely fulfilling way for the expansion of our lives and the liberation of our world.

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Meet Magdalene & Jesus as Your Sexual Guides
Taught by Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

The idea that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were sacred sexual partners in their spiritual ministry is becoming common knowledge. But only now is a new layer of their Great Work being revealed.

Have you ever felt cut off from your sacred erotic nature? In this masterclass, you’ll get a glimpse into ancient evidence that these two Masters knew human sexuality was under siege ~ and that it was a major area for their healing work on earth.

You’ll also be introduced to them as mentors who can serve as your own personal sex and love healers and guides.

Explore the riches that this relationship can offer you by signing up for this free masterclass here.


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More about the Sacred Relationship & Sexual Healing
with Magdalene & Jesus Course

Class Modules:

Class 1 ~ The Mystery of Humanity’s Sexual History
…and how to begin healing the rifts in your body/mind/spirit

  • The creation of humans according to the ancient Gnostic texts ~ and who we really are
  • The splitting of the sexes and the installment of agonized longing
  • How to achieve sexual protection and inner unification as Magdalene and Jesus did

Class 2 ~ The Passion of Jesus & Magdalene
…and how to draw on it as a model of positive loving in your own life

  • Hidden information and new angles on Magdalene and Jesus as “true humans” and soulmates with a fully embodied, sexual love relationship
  • Tools for incorporating their sexual mysteries into your life
  • Ancient teachings about what a soulmate really is and how you can call one in or relate to a present one in more creative and fulfilling ways

Class 3 ~ The Scourge of Religious & Porn Programming
… and how to be freed from both to ignite authentic erotic pleasure

  • How the long and twisted arm of the “church” has reached into your crotch ~ and the forces that benefit from this
  • How pornography serves as a nest for sexual distortion entities
  • How to rid yourself of this interference and restore your healthy, authentic human pleasure

Class 4 ~ The Mysterious Holy Womb Chakra (whatever your sex)
… and how to cleanse it and find its healing powers

  • Reclaim the Womb Chakra of Mother Divine and its harmonious relationship with the Sacred Masculine
  • Further clear and revitalize your own Womb Chakra ~ or , if you’re a man ~ your womb essence ~ using sacred angelic syllables known by Magdalene and Jesus
  • Stoke or calm kama/libido/desire/passion as needed, and align with it as your ally

Class 5 ~ The Gift of Healthy Sensuality, No Matter What Your Age
…your nectar of well-being and creativity

  • Work with yourself as your own best lover through sensual practices
  • Enhance your Magdalene or Christos radiance and beauty for magnetic walking in the world
  • Attune to the sensuality of nature and derive erotic pleasure from it

Class 6 ~ The Healing Touch of Magdalene & Jesus
…and how to work with them as guides for your full sexual power

  • Safely experience the touch of Magdalene and/or Jesus for sexual healing and strengthening
  • Connect to Magdalene as your guide of sensual delights and ideal love
  • Explore Jesus as your teacher of sexual mysteries

Class 7 ~ The Heart of Communication
…and how to use it to create relationship harmony

  • Tools for being the right partner to yourself ~ and/or drawing one to you
  • How to create positive relationships and release the negative forces that limit them
  • How to ensure that communication is at the level of the True Sacred Heart

As a result of the Sacred Relationship & Sexual Healing with
Magdalene & Jesus course, you will:

  • Be more confident in co-creating positive, fulfilling romantic relationships
  • Feel empowered to to draw a soulmate to you if this is what you seek (whether a lover or special friend)
  • Experience greater sensual pleasure in your body, for yourself or with a partner, no matter what your age
  • Feel more protected, confident, and supported in your sexuality
  • Enjoy an enhanced Sacred Heart energy for higher-level relating

“I found this course really cutting edge, at the forefront of leading change in sex and relationships. For me, the timing was perfect. I feel transformed, uplifted, and eager for the future.” ~ Reverend Helen Lasham

AND… You get a BONUS SEMINAR with this course!

The Travesty of Sexual Abuse & Abduction
AND How to Clear It From Your Field and the Human Matrix

Led by Marguerite Rigoglioso and special guest teacher IndigoAngel

In this seminar, you will learn about:

  • The multiple levels of sexual abuse affecting ALL people
  • The real agents and perpetrators of these abuses
  • The relationship between sexual abuse and alien abduction
  • How to clear negative imprints, energies, and timelines affecting your sexuality from your chakras and field
  • How to reclaim your “lost parts” from interplanetary forced breeding programs
  • How to clear the human family of sex abuse in families, sexual enslavement and trafficking, and ritual abuse

Sacred Relationship & Sexual Healing with Magdalene & Jesus Course Is Just $333

And payment plans are available at checkout.

As part of the Sacred Relationship & Sexual Healing with Magdalene & Jesus course, Marguerite offers 1:1 support in which she channels these Masters to help you go deeper into your own personal sexual healing process.

To support you if you know you want that session upon registration, we offer an optional bundled package of the course plus one session, which gives you a $30 discount off the regular cost of the session. (Sessions can also be booked later, but at the regular price of $247.)

“I listened to the replay of last week’s class a few times! Each time I gleaned more insights to my past and my “forgotten” experiences. And each time the level of healing and expansion grew immensely.” ~ C. M.

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