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Divine Feminine Power for Healing & Spiritual Awakening

The Holy Womb Chakra Teachings

The Ancient System to Clear Negative Energies from Past Love Relationships, Link with the Divine Feminine & Unlock Your Power for Healing, Soul Evolution & Spiritual Service

This is an eight video module on-demand course open to people of ALL gender identities & stages of life.

Hidden within you is a portal to divine creation energy & a key to accessing the power of miracles. This portal is the Womb Chakra, an energy field that dwells within all people, regardless of gender. Once cleared & healed, the Womb Chakra is the highest, holiest place in your body & a tool for profound transformation in your life & in our world.

Would you like to…

  • Access Universal Feminine Source Power to fuel you as a healer & creative person?
  • Cultivate union in healthy relationships?
  • Permanently release negativity & heartache lingering from romantic relationships?
  • Clear your lineage backward & forward in time & purify your relationship with your mother?
  • Become ready for a true soulmate?
  • Heal from sexual abuse & harassment, including patriarchal invasions to your sexual space?
  • Help parents (or yourself) create the highest divine energies for conceiving a child?
  • Release some types of chronic illness?
  • Be charged with Divine Feminine energy to advance yourself as a holy being?

If so, then we warmly welcome you to join us for the rare & powerful Holy Womb Chakra Teachings.

Find out more about the course in our free video:

Discovering the Secret of the Holy Womb Chakra
What It Is, Why You’ve Never Heard of It & How Healing It Can Transform Your Life

Receive ancient sacred teachings about the “forgotten” Holy Womb Chakra, whose energy resides not just in women, but in all people.

You Will Learn:

  • The exciting story of how the late Hindu saint Sri Kaleshwar brought the hidden teachings about this chakra to light after centuries of suppression.
  • Where the Holy Womb Chakra is located in the energy system of the body, whatever your sex, and how it’s different from the second chakra.
  • How holy womb practices are relevant to you in the here & now at this GROUND ZERO moment on planet earth.
  • A powerful tool to begin this profound clearing process.
  • Next steps you can take to go deeper.


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Have you been feeling it quite strongly? We’re in the time of the great turning of the ages. Now is the opportunity to co-create the New Earth.

And for this we need to restore the Divine Feminine –
in our bodies & in our world.

The Holy Womb Chakra Teachings will help you do just that. It provides you with special, grounded methods for healing & charging the enormous Sacred Feminine power locked within your womb field – whatever your gender identity or age.

  • The Holy Womb Chakra holds the keys to creativity on the 3D plane as well as divine creativity on the 5D plane. This aspect of the chakra has universal appeal to all ages & sexes. The clearing & empowerment of the womb energy of the body will permeate your field & fuel you as both a healer & a creative person.
  • Activating & clearing the womb also provides a purification backward & forward in your ancestral lineage, and throughout your timelines.

There couldn’t be a more important moment than this “reboot” on planet earth to receive the nourishment & empowerments provided by these 7000-year old wisdom understandings, which have only recently been recovered & offered to the world by the late Hindu saint Sri Kaleshwar. In releasing sexual & emotional baggage through this holy system, you will set yourself up for a more elevated sacred life than ever before.

You will also become an emissary for the new awareness of how the power of the Holy Womb can be channeled to transform our entire reality on earth.

What You’ll Get from This Course….

  • A sacred, step-by-step PRACTICE (using special yogic prayer mantras & sacred yantra drawings) for clearing yourself of sexually based negativity, wounding & karma, both personal & collective.
  • Channels for enhancing a healthy love partnership – which you can also share with others individually as part of your healing work.
  • Practices to heal your relationship with your mother, whether she is in her body or in the realm of the ancestors – leading to a foundational positive shift in your life.
  • Channels for parents to consciously conceive a child, which, again, you can share with others as part of your work.
  • Channels for healing your body/mind/spirit of chronic issues.
  • A lifetime means for drawing the energy of Mother Divine into your soul for healing, guidance, spiritual growth & creativity.
  • Other mystical teachings about the nature of reality & the role of the Divine Feminine in universal creation that will bring incredible enlightenment to you.

You’ll Walk Away
from This Course Feeling…

  • Excited about the restored vitality & magic that a new, cleared Womb Chakra will bring you (again, whatever your sex).
  • Confident about how to bring the practices for doing this into your personal life & integrate them into your unique form of world service.
  • Deeply healed by the revelations you’ve received about the true nature of Divine Feminine Power within you & in all dimensions of reality.
  • Supported by the teachers of this lineage going back to the Soul Masters who brought them to us, including Mother Mary.
  • Inspired to be part of a growing community of Holy Womb Chakra practitioners.

Six Video Modules & Two Bonus Videos

  • Class 1: Clearing Relationship Karma, Understand Soulmates & Embracing Your Divinity through Holy Womb Chakra Healing
  • Bonus Class #1: Conversation with Cindy Lindsay, senior student of master Sri Kaleshwar, on her decade plus of experience working with the Holy Womb Chakra in her life & ministry, plus what it was like to be with Sri Kaleshwar before his samadhi.
  • Class 2: Working with the Secret Holy Womb Chakra Image (Yantra) for Lifelong Empowerment
  • Class 3: Practices to Release Sexual/Emotional Wounding
  • Class 4: Practices to Heal Your Body & Raise Your Soul Vibration
  • Class 5: Mystical Teachings on Using the Sacred Feminine to Conceive a Blessed Child or Create in the World with Divine Purpose
  • Class 6: Integration & How to Move Forward
  • Bonus Class #2: Getting You Started on the 101-Day Practice

PLUS These Special Class Perks

  • Half-price discount on High Holy Sophia as the Wisdom Womb of Creation, Marguerite’s online audio workshop revealing Sophia’s journey into matter & her nature as the “divine womb,” and offering deep practices to heal your inner child wounding & step more fully into self-love. $85 (reg $170). OFFER GOOD FOR DAY ONE only of this workshop
  • Half price discount on Reclaiming Our Starry Origins online course, Marguerite’s recorded class on how to allow cosmic womb power to guide your sacred path ($47; reg $97).

The Holy Womb Chakra Teachings Course Is Just $291

We look forward to sharing these Holy Womb Chakra Teachings with you, and celebrating the miracles that result from your practice!

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Ready for More? Take the Next Step.
Enroll in Advanced Holy Womb Chakra Teachings

Once you complete the Holy Womb Chakra Teachings, it is highly recommended that you move on to the part 2 of the teachings, the Advanced Holy Womb Chakra Teachings.

You can find out more & register HERE.

Optional Certification to Teach

Marguerite Rigoglioso’s Holy Womb Chakra Teachings course qualifies you to use the tools offered for yourself, and to share certain tools with others on an individual, case-by-case basis as part of your own healing ministry or private practice. Please note that it does not qualify you to share tools with groups or to teach the entire system to others.

IN ORDER TO OBTAIN CERTIFICATION to share tools with groups or teach the entire Holy Womb Chakra system, you must:

  1. Complete Marguerite Rigoglioso’s Holy Womb Chakra Teachings course.
  2. Complete Marguerite’s follow-on course, the Advanced Holy Womb Chakra Teachings.
  3. After completing all coursework above, the charging of all mantras, and having a blessed yantra on copper, you may then take the test with Sri Kaleshwar’s senior student Cindy Lindsay of the Divine Mother Center in Laytonville, CA, for a modest tuitional fee to certify you to teach this information to others.

All of this information will be given to you during the Holy Womb Chakra Teachings course. The process will be made clear & straightforward for you, and you can decide if this is right for you as the course progresses.

Of course, you can simply take the Holy Womb Chakra Teachings and the follow-up advanced seminar for your own personal purposes. Certification is not a requirement or an implied goal.