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Become the Cacao Priestess (or Priest!) Mentoring Program with Marguerite

Marguerite gives you a personal introduction to the Cacao spirit during this special mentoring journey! This sacred process will prepare you to hold ceremony for yourself and others in integrity with the medicine and honor the lineage from which the tradition was shared. You’ll even receive a downloadable certificate of completion from Seven Sisters Mystery School qualifying you as a certified Ceremonial Cacao Priestess (or Priest)! This is becoming an increasingly sought-after service to offer as the wider world becomes attuned to the medicine and loving messages of Ix Cacao.

The work will consist of…

  • The video tutorial How to Prepare and Work with Cacao. You ready for your 1:1 work with Marguerite by watching this detailed introduction about how you can use the medicine for yourself ~ and with others.
  • Stepping Up as a Priest/ess session: Marguerite discusses with you ~ and offers intuitive guidance on ~ your role as a spirit worker who is amping up as a ceremonial priest/ess by engaging Cacao as an important plant ally.
  • Working Directly with Mama Cacao Spirit session: Sipping a warm cup of Cacao that you’ve prepared for yourself, you’ll be guided by Marguerite and Ix Cacao spirit in receiving your own personal messages about your work with Cacao ~ and your life more broadly.
  • How to Hold Group Cacao Ceremony session: Marguerite offers guidance on how to successfully guide a group with Cacao, tailored to your own needs, goals, and inspirations. She also offers planning and marketing tips to help your ceremonies attract your people.

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