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Divine Feminine Power for Healing & Spiritual Awakening

The Seven Mysteries of Magdalene

Accessing Her Sacred Living Wisdom Stream to Energize Your Own Divine Purpose on Earth

An on-demand course led by Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

For more than four decades, books, films, oracle messages & the intuitive understanding of millions of people have rightfully elevated Mary Magdalene from prostitute & penitent to priestess of the greatest mysteries of our time.

Who is this real Mary Magdalene?

How can we draw on her healing path to soothe our own wounds & clear our blocks?
How can we tap her awakening process to experience heart-centered spiritual acceleration?
How can we access her mystery knowledge to co-create miracles in our lives?

Discover all this and more in this invigorating, and fascinating course as we journey through Magdalene’s Seven Mysteries together and reap their rewards. Open yourself to experience Magdalene’s wisdom pathway for personal transformation in your own life.

Your Course Modules:

The Mystery of Anointing & Sacred Oils for Opening Inner Consciousness
Learn about Magdalene’s expertise with sacred elixirs for use in sexual intimacy, death doula work, and more. Be guided to explore the power of myrrh, nard, frankincense, rose and other scents in your own life as another means of opening your awareness to the realms of the Divine and working with the powers of the Subtle Allies of the earth plane.

The Mystery of Sacred Marriage for Accomplishing Divine Birth & Activating Kundalini Powers
Learn details about Magdalene’s love relationship with Jesus. Discover how Magdalene’s womb work related to the process of divine birth… as we consider legends of the birth of their sacred child and their possible initiation of a lineage of kings. Receive divine tools that Magdalene and Mother Mary may well have used, and amplify your own Holy Womb Chakra and sexual energy.

The Mystery of the Bridal Chamber for Achieving the Christ-Sophia Light Within
Awaken to Magdalene as a manifestation of Sophia Wisdom. Learn how Jesus further assisted her in becoming spiritually androgynous and inwardly unified so that she could resolve duality and gain entry to the Divine Realms. Be led through the “Bridal Chamber” process to foster your own Divine Unity within, and move toward sovereignty, wholeness, and illumination.

The Mystery of Meri/Mary Love for Activating Our Sacred Heart
Uncover the meaning of the Mary title, the priestesshood associated with it, its relationship to Divine Love, and how Magdalene expressed it. Be guided to engage the MA-RI-AM mantra to open our hearts together and further activate our inner Sophia-Christ light.

The Mystery of Sacred Sisterhood as Support for Shepherding the New Awakening
Discover the nature of Magdalene’s close relationship with both Mother Mary and Mother Mary’s sister Mary Paroghitha. Learn how the Blessed Mother mentored Magdalene into spiritual leadership, and how the three women served as a “womb triangle” around Jesus during his life and at his crucifixion. Experience empowerments to clear competition and jealousy with other women and learn what the ideal mentor/mentee relationship feels like so that you may be supported in your own sacred work.

The Mystery of Transforming Demons for Healing Ourselves in This Lifetime & Beyond
Learn about Magdalene’s own experiences with negative energies, and Jesus’ special teachings to her to help us all navigate through them while on earth –– and when we leave our bodies. Go deeper into your work with these “Archons” and “Adversaries” through a guided process to further heal your core wounds and access the neutrality needed to “keep your head,” no matter what.

The Mystery of Bringing Heaven to Earth
Discover Magdalene’s own daily process to foster her IN-scension, and be guided to engage a life-transforming 3-day home-based intensive to connect with Source Creator as Magdalene did, so you may integrate these energies into your life and onto the earth plane.

Expect the fascinating scholarly grounding plus esoteric inspiration and experiential activations that are the hallmark of all of Dr. Rigoglioso’s courses!

PLUS, Supplemental Learning Opportunities

BONUS CLASS: Building the Magdalene Temple Within w/ Carmen Nash

The exquisite Carmen Nash, Seven Sisters Level 2 Dove Oracle Priestess, joins us to share insights and images from her Magdalene pilgrimage to the South of France in 2019!

You’ll feel the immense love radiating from the Magdalene who walked the Earth with Christ 2000 years ago. Carmen will also complement what you learn in this course by helping you further recognize, unlock, and adore the Magdalene within to enjoy greater freedom in all areas of your life.

Optional Playwork

Practices and journal prompts each class will help you further integrate the teachings and experiences associated with each of Magdalene’s mysteries, should you want to go even deeper! Available to everyone regardless of which option you select at registration.

You Will Come Away from This Journey with…

  • Alignment with the Magdalene awakening process to experience heart-centered spiritual acceleration.
  • Enhanced light codes for your soul’s advancement and your empowerment as a Spirit Worker.
  • Ancient knowledge about sacred elixirs, oils, anointing, and how to use these natural materials, scents, and processes as a means of expanding awareness.
  • A Sacred Sisterhood Consciousness Upgrade through studying the divine, loving relationships that existed between Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary’s sister.
  • Reclamation of the sacred Magdalene Divine Birth Priestess lineage.
  • Amplified Holy Womb Chakra & Sacred Sexual Energy from practicing divine tools that Magdalane & Mother Mary may well have used.
  • The ability to transform demons, “archons,” and other “adversaries” into neutrality & healing through a careful, guided process.
  • A greater sense of comfort, safety, and healing in your life.
  • Greater accessibility to Magdalene as a mentor and guide, and more confidence to activate your ministry of love, light, and wisdom.
  • A strengthened connection to Mother Divine Sophia & the powers of creation.

Your Guide for This Journey

Years before The DaVinci Code book came out in 2003 featuring bold new revelations about Mary Magdalene, Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., was one of the first scholar priestesses to teach about this great holy woman to small groups in the Boston area. She based her slide lectures on the research of the great pioneer of the Magdalene movement, Margaret Starbird, as well as academics Karen King and Marvin Meyer.

While a graduate student at the California Institute of Integral Studies, she gave a performance in which she embodied Mother Mary and the Magdalene into one great being!

In 2006, Dr. Rigoglioso taught a full academic course, Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine in Judaism and Christianity, at Dominican University of California. She has continued to observe with delight as a plethora of books, films, documentaries, courses, tours, and more have emerged about Magdalene from various scholarly and intuitive perspectives, and she has continued to learn about the many meanings of the Magdalene.

Dr. Rigoglioso has explored, written about, and taught on goddesses and priestesses the world over. More recently, she has been busy revealing new understandings of Mother Mary through her original and unique research. This has culminated in her most recent book, The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception: Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births, as well as a new book that has just been completed and will be published in 2024.

With The Seven Mysteries of Magdalene course, Dr. Rigoglioso returns to Mary Magdalene, expanded and strengthened in her understandings by her academic and spiritual work with Mother Mary, her explorations of numerous other areas of study, and her own deep inner explorations.

The Seven Mysteries of Magdalene Course Is Just $333

Mary Magdalene invites all of us with eyes to see and ears to hear to her teachings, which were co-cultivated with Mother Mary and Jesus. Accelerate your IN-scension by experiencing her practices and keeping them for your ongoing healing and spiritual work. Become part of the beautiful community of Spirit Workers who have partaken of this journey!

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What Are the Seven Mysteries of Mary Magdalene?

In this video, you will…

  • Explore the 7 beautiful mysteries that Magdalene helped bring to the planet & learn how they can be drawn on for your own soul’s growth.
  • Attune to energetic transmissions coming thru these revelations.
  • Learn fascinating details about the true life of Magdalene & her relationship to Mother Mary that you may not have heard before.
  • Receive inspiration from Dr. Rigoglioso’s own path as an early pioneer to restore the reputation of the Magdalene.

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