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Divine Feminine Power for Healing & Spiritual Awakening

Birth Golden Eggs! 

How to Use Your Womb Portal to Heal Our World

Those who have eyes to see & ears to hear, take note. The womb chakra is a tremendous alchemical portal. Not only can it bring spirit to matter in the form of children but it can be used literally to birth visions into manifestation. All you need do to birth a vision is conjure in your mind what you wish to see take form, then squat down “in labor” (clothing optional) & see this vision coming through your birth canal & taking root in the plane of manifestation.

Birthing a vision at the moment of orgasm is particularly powerful. In this way you can create objects, desired situations, beneficial encounters, positive essences (like peace, healing, joy, love… for you, your family or community, or the world) & more. You can also create beneficent energies… as I explain below. As with all manifestations, the more you can feel the reality of what you are creating – and the more positive emotion you can feel about it – the more likely (& quickly) it is to come into being. IMPORTANT: Before you do this, align your creations for the greatest good 7 generations into the future. (See my recent post here on how to do that easily & why it’s key.)

I’ve been shown that the post-menopausal womb is particularly powerful for this process, because its energies are no longer being used to birth children. That makes it fully available to exclusively manifest visions. This is the meaning of the indigenous idea that during menopause “the blood is turned inward.” You birth henceforth on the inner planes so that it comes to the outer  planes via quantum channels. Matrons & crones – and all women – get busy! Using the womb portal alchemically is one of women’s greatest – & simplest – magical abilities, one that’s been hidden from us for millennia.

Birthing Golden Eggs – Huh?

I’m shown that encoded in The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg & stories that include the motif of spinning “golden thread” is the womb technique I’m talking about here, with the added twist of “manifesting gold.” Why gold? Gold is one of the most important spiritual substances there is. That’s why it’s been the basis for our monetary system & why it’s been used so heavily in sacred objects & icons. Its 3D form holds a vibration that connects us with divine power. On higher-dimensional planes, gold takes the form of a light that is the divine itself. It is nutritive & protective, and may be called upon to heal our bodies & open our consciousness, among other esoteric operations. (See my Golden Light Energy Healing guided meditation here to bring more of it into your body, mind & spirit.)

The “golden EGG” is a form of gold that’s birthed directly from the womb of the Goddess (Goose = ancient goddess symbol). Related is the idea of the Golden Globe – which is Gaia on her highest dimensional level. “Golden apples” are also related here. In the Garden of the Hesperides & other interdimensional domains, such golden apples are always related to women’s womb power – often the usurping of it.

Listen up! In a session with an advanced student I was shown that all of this means women can birth “etheric golden eggs” through their wombs & deposit them into our atmosphere & earth as a means of raising the vibration of humanity & the earth plane.

Are you ready to help bring more “gold” into this & other dimensions? Squat in labor & birth golden eggs into the subtle plane – into distressed environmental areas, into power spots, into waterways, into the earth’s atmosphere… & into your homes. Remember to use the power of your orgasm. The more daring of you will sneak golden eggs into your children’s schools, public buildings, major traffic intersections & more.

Be a “Bearer of Gold” – Create Group Ritual

If you’re excited about this, do it in circle. Gather women together & collectively birth golden eggs – & other visions of choice. Do it in the privacy or your homes, or, especially, outdoors to bring the eggs into the earth. Get naked to empower your visions even more!  Create public golden egg birthing ceremonies & work social media to coordinate women to do it at specified times & places.

AND THIS: Create a global synchronized Golden Egg Birthing rite! Imagine, millions of women birthing (even, gasp…orgasming?) golden eggs into our earth plane at the same time! (Now THERE’S a vision to birth first through your womb, as well!) This WILL raise the vibration of our planet.

Birth Your Vision; Vision Our ReBirth

OK, dear women, don’t let your womb languish. Let it be a portal for change.  Be bold, be daring, be hilarious! Remember: INTENTION IS EVERYTHING, so what you create & why IS SO, just as you meant it to be. Remember: Like the Great Goose, your capacity to birth Golden Eggs is infinite. This is what’s being made possible as we move from 3D to 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

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