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New Teachings on Human Sovereignty

This week I offer an audio of a remarkable conversation I had with David Todd on April 16, 2019. In it, we discuss the following:

  • Galactic history, the Andromedans, and AI
  • The reptilian use of AI & CERN
  • More on gold & gold light as protection
  • The role of Redwoods on the planet & how humans can step up
  • What we need to do with our bodies in the face of AI
  • How human tribes can unite with galactic tribes
  • Why the greys are experimenting on humans
  • How false light beings & false spiritual webs also feed on human energy
  • The gods & goddesses and agendas of control
  • The coopting of the Christ
  • What will support evolution toward true human sovereignty

Click the playbar below to hear this audio: