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Musings on Inner Traditions, William Henry, Mary & the Pleiades!

As spring wakes up the plants and trees at long last here in the northeastern US, so, it seems, some mysterious timing is bringing me out of a year-long slog.

A year ago in April, I was more than nudged into rebirthing my School. When I started Seven Sisters Mystery School in 2012, I was a pioneer. But 12 years later, with old systems and approaches, it was clear I had become something closer to a dinosaur.

In short order, I had to recreate my team, re-engineer my administrative back end, and revision the entire look of my website and newsletter. It was everything, everywhere, all at once, and each item in the list seemed an A#1 priority. Juggling a million plates while running and drinking out of a firehose was the feeling.

Anxious nights, arduous days… month by month the reconstruction took place.

I don’t think it’s just me. The entire world seems to be coming out of a several-years-long forced hibernation, a creaky rebirthing. Maybe you’ve felt it, too? My friend Ava Park calls the feeling a “strange lassitude.”

I did have an instinct… or at least a hope… that in my case this sloggy time was a necessary revamping for bigger things to come. And, slowly… it looks like that is being born out.

My next book, the Secret Life of Mother Mary, is almost upon us. The launch is set for July 16… (although I already got the paperback copies in my hot little mitts just last week ~ see my photo!)

In January, when I learned that William Henry had discovered my work and that it was changing his life to the point that he wanted to collaborate, it felt like a huge gift from Mother Mary. He and I both are in service to that exalted lineage, and it seems it was HER divine timing that helped arranged for the professional connection.

Things have been moving quickly since then, with the invitation to the Earth Origins conference and William’s recent Starwalker Café… all in the midst of creating and teaching the Sacred Relationship & Sexual Healing with Magdalene and Jesus course… ramping up for my book launch on July 16, and many other goodies we have in store.

And, of course, there’s my beloved community… that’s you. The blessed encounters I’ve had with the wonderful people in classes, 1:1 sessions, cacao ceremonies, and other events have continued to be top priority each my week ~ every week since 2012! I continue to be so moved by your stories, and so gratified and fulfilled in being able to assist you in your healing, growth, and deeper connectivity with Spirit.

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of May, I drove up to Rochester, Vermont, to record the audio of The Secret Life of Mother Mary at the headquarters of Inner Traditions. I’ve been in love with them for decades, having been blessed on my own healing path and my spiritual deepening through their incredibly high-quality books over the years.

So it was very cool to find them located in a quaint and rural Vermont town where founder Ehud Sperling moved his doings from Manhattan decades ago. The staff are just lovely, so supportive, and the synergy was natural among us. Other book projects were drawn up just from those lunchtime encounters!

I was amazed to discover that Inner Traditions now consists of TWELVE IMPRINTS, each a branch of their tree that offers books in specific category, like Bear & Company, Findhorn Press, Healing Arts Press, Destiny Books, and more.

And I’m so impressed with Ehud and his family, who also run a reforestation project in the rainforest of Costa Rica as their “second” job! You can check that out HERE.

In and around the temperature getting up to my preferred range here in the northeastern US, I’m planning our June 6 cacao ceremony, my book birthing party on July 16, our Global Magdalene Feast Day event on July 23… and… a forthcoming Mary & Magdalene Priestess Training… among other rich offerings that will thrill you to the marrow.

I’ll also be swinging up to Montreal to catch the Jazz Festival first week of July, right in time for my birthday.

Finally, I was so stoked by William Henry’s presentation on Mary as a Pleiadian Starwalker at his Starwalker Café earlier this month that I’ve been inspired to serve as the Oracle with the Marys and the Pleiades for my May Bridging Dimensions show. I’ll be looking at the important connections these Star Beings have to one another and to humanity. Join us live HERE and bring your curiosity and questions on May 31 at 11:30 am Eastern Time!

All of this is also being fueled by a new-found positive attitude, a return to the power of positive thinking that I’ve left by the wayside in this year of stress. I’m remembering the channelings of people like Sanaya Roman and Esther Hicks, and am finding new inspiration in Bashar/Darryl Anka and Xi Earthstar. And I’m blessed to be with a partner who has had a rebirth with all of this, as well, inspiring me to thing positively and big each day and connect with the power and assistance of the Fae!

So, beloved soul, whether you’re gearing up for a summer of sun or a winter of inner reflection (depending where in the world you are), I hope you’re finding what you need to come out of the “lassitude” and feel more alive again. We need you!


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    Onward into the Light, Marguerite!


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