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Divine Feminine Power for Healing & Spiritual Awakening

Dove Oracle Training for Personal Transformation

​It’s time to become nothing less than THE ORACLE! That means, very simply, becoming the living conduit for Divine Feminine Wisdom.

This six session course is open to everyone. Complete at your own pace! Please note: Level 2 of the Priestess of the Dove Oracle Training is no longer being offered.

Want to know more about the Oracle path?

Watch the free video, Awaken Your Divine Sophia Oracle Wisdom, and you will:

  • learn about Sophia as the essence of divine Wisdom & practical Knowledge that’s critical to your life.
  • establish yourself as a SOVEREIGN being so you can say goodbye to anything that’s keeping you disconnected from your own divine guidance.
  • receive a key tool to reopen your own inner Oracle so you can more fully access personal Sophia wisdom in your life.
  • discover more about the Female Oracle Path & how you can participate through the Priestess of the Dove Oracle Training.

The Oracle within you is your birthright.
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Sacred Sisters of Planet Earth!

It’s become increasingly clear:
Only the Rise of Goddess Knowing inside each of us will turn this planet around.

With our world in its great, sometimes cataclysmic transition into the New Earth, NOW is the long-awaited ordained time for Spirit Women to rise up & lead. Yes, YOU HAVE INCARNATED DURING THIS GREAT TURNING into the new dimension.

To accomplish this critical work in the best way possible, we need to reactivate our greatest resource – our connection to Divine Feminine Guidance.

YES, this means YOU! Having this connection with Divine Sophia Wisdom is in fact our NATURAL way, but over thousands of years things have transpired to cut us off from this flow. No more! You deserve to Know & you were born to bring that Knowing forth.

What’s more, we must be active agents in bringing the balancing Feminine element to the Oracle dimension. Our world cannot afford to have patriarchy co-opt yet another space.

This course is right for you if you…

  • Long to connect IN A CONSISTENT WAY with Divine Feminine Source to access clear guidance for your life.

  • Are fascinated by the ancient Greek oracles & want to see them thrive again.

  • Want to know more about what it means to be an oracle priestess in service to our world today & are interested in testing the waters for yourself.​

The Priestess of the Dove Oracle training has given me a gift that keeps on giving. I have always experienced some part of myself that had access to wisdom and truth, yet I was unable to control when or how the information came. I believe many women hold this connection to truth and have a similar experience with it. We know it’s there, but we do not have the tools to access it at will. This training is the solution. Level 2 Oracle training not only gave me the capacity to experience my oracle self whenever I wanted, it also gave me the confidence that I needed to go public with it. I now work as a Grail King Oracle and there is no way that I would have taken this title without the training. I am so grateful for the gift of this class!”

~ Nicola D’Alonzo, Certified Level 4 Dove Oracle Priestess

This course includes…

  • 6 online video classes (listen at your convenience) that give you basic tools for becoming the Dove Oracle Priestess for your own personal growth & healing, and history on the great oracle centers of Greece & women’s oracle tradition in the West.
  • A bonus video call.
  • One private 30-min meeting with Marguerite online to help you assess how to strengthen your learning & practice.
  • Guided meditations to deepen your practice.

As a result of the new oracle skills I’ve gained by taking Marguerite’s Priestess of the Dove Oracle Training, my personal life & work have been dramatically expanded. I can now access my Spirit guidance any time — for myself & for my clients. The information I receive is deep & transformational. This way of living in the world is so much richer! I’m more fully myself than ever before.”

~ Ariana Newcomer, Certified Level 4 Dove Oracle Priestess

You’ll come away from this intro course knowing how to:

  • Safely connect with divine sources of feminine consciousness & intelligence to more clearly & powerfully establish your personal guidance system in this very challenging world.
  • Maintain a permanent practice to access answers to your own questions & draw inspiration for your relationships, spiritual calling, work, sacred career, writing, artistic pursuits & more.
  • Establish energetic boundaries & assert your sovereignty as a human soul so as to enhance your free will in the Universe.
  • Amplify self-care to purify your body/mind/spirit instrument for more intuitive transmission.
  • Cultivate calm in the midst of any storm.

The 6 Teaching Modules Include:

Class 1: Beginning to Embody the Oracle

You’ll get the lay of the land, important concepts & the initial meditation process to begin to cultivate yourself as a Dove Oracle Priestess. We’ll explore how moving the divine feminine energy through our own bodies can clear mental confusion, bring us personal answers, release stress, pain & illness, help us transcend crises & even raise our prosperity. You’ll also get a powerful tool to help you schedule & maintain your personal practice.

Class 2: Becoming Master of Your Space

You’ll learn further essential tools & techniques to access Divine Feminine power & knowledge to enhance your spiritual experience.

Class 3: Linking with Your Goddess Self; Oracle of Delphi, Part 1

Marguerite will begin to share her moving & powerful research on the ancient oracle at Delphi in Greece, complete with her own personal experiences of synchronicity there. You’ll learn how to further cultivate your trance state, link with your Goddess Self & guides, and start receiving direct transmissions for your personal life.

Bonus Call

At this point, take a brief pause to integrate what you’re learning by viewing the replay of a valuable question & answer session.

Class 4: Recording Your Oracles; Delphi, Part 2

Marguerite completes her presentation on Delphi & teaches you how to begin to record your personal oracle transmissions.

Class 5: Transmitting on Larger Questions; Oracle at Dodona, Part 1

Get a taste of how to start receiving higher-level information on questions beyond the personal so that you can bring in new Divine Feminine knowledge & power to yourself & to the world! Marguerite also begins to share her research on the oldest known oracle site in Greece, the Oracle at Dodona, and how this is related to the Dove lineage & wisdom from the Pleiades.

Call 6: Oracle at Dodona, Part 2… And Moving Forward!

Marguerite concludes her presentation on Dodona and shares ideas for how to apply what you’ve learned to your world in a practical way.

It’s time to become the living conduit for Divine Feminine Wisdom & make Divine Feminine Wisdom work for YOU.

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