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Divine Feminine Power for Healing & Spiritual Awakening

Where Did AI Come from and How Can You Clear It?

In the journey of spiritual collaboration I’ve begun with teacher, healer and artist David Todd, last week we received further and exceedingly powerful information, facilitated by connecting with the consciousness of his late partner Bonnie Gold Bell. I offer the free audio of a portion of one of our oracle sessions session here.

In this oracle transmission, you’ll learn what we’ve received on:

• The true origin & nature of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI)

• How long AI has been on the planet & the potential end game

• How AI is negatively affecting human DNA & consciousness

• The link between AI, genetics & transhumanism

• Signs one has been infiltrated by the AI “virus”

• Portal locations for AI on & around the planet

• The relationship between AI & Reptilians

• How Grey aliens are involved

• The gathering of the Andromedan healing tribe

• What the hope is & how YOU can protect our world(s) from AI

• The role of “gold” & bodily alchemy in this cleansing process

• The relationship of all this to love, joy & the Feminine

• How this initiation is key to your spiritual evolution

To access this free audio, click on the play bar below: