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Marguerite Rigoglioso
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Welcome to Seven Sisters Mystery School

You’re not alone. We’re in a momentous time of collective transformation and opportunity. Your gifts as a sacred world server are needed on the planet now more than ever. And Seven Sisters Mystery School is here to help you validate & cultivate them.

I’m Marguerite Rigoglioso, and in my work with Seven Sisters Mystery School my intention is to introduce you to information to empower your life as a person of spirit.

If you’re drawn to working with me, that generally that means you’re seeking full connection to your true inner power source on a feminine, universal, cosmic level (whether you’re a woman or a man).

Once you get this connection back, which I help you to do through many rich offerings including personal spiritual mentoring and shamanically oriented courses, you’re able to bring your higher knowing in, and you’re more empowered to bring your gifts out to the world — and not get wiped out emotionally, energetically, or physically.

Some people find it interesting to know that one of my own power sources is the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, who, I have learned through academic, cross-cultural & personal shamanic study, were the original starseed mothers of humanity. I mention it because some people are drawn to me precisely because I’m connected with this source through my scholarly books as well as my clairvoyant knowing & experiences on the subtle planes.

What’s important is that we help you tap into YOUR power source on the inner dimensions. We help you heal your sacred wounds & move further into the wise heart so that you may live more fully & deeply.

The results: You get to be that Conscious Person you always wanted to be, and you get to manifest that in numerous exciting ways as a world server. You get to have sources of energy & knowledge that can guide you in a world that is, well, a little nutty right about now.


The free “Enter the Mystery Teachings” audio bundle you can sign up for here is a first step in that direction… It includes the following conversations with me. ––

  • “Why Women Need a God Who Looks Like Us –– and How It Benefits Men, Too”
  • “Signs You May Be a Priestess –– or Priest –– and Why the World Needs You Badly Now”
  • “What Is This Virgin Birth Business All About?”

My observations will give you a taste of ancient mystery wisdom & show you how you can become a more effective spiritual force on the planet at this critical time.

So sign in and step through the portal…


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Once you get your audio downloads, do have fun by browsing the Seven Sisters Mystery School web site fully. 

There are many other free audios and articles, as well as a host of webinars, guided meditation CDs, and other resources available to you. You’ll also find information about my Spiritual Mentoring Programs for all genders, as well as my upcoming courses & events.

Also, I’d love to connect with you personally. If you’d like to schedule a private session by Zoom (our online video interface) or phone, just click HERE, take a second to fill in the box, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with my scheduling link.

About moi 

I’m the founding director of Seven Sisters Mystery School & a scholar/practitioner of the ancient Mediterranean mystery traditions. I’ve authored The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece and Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity, pioneering books that explore women’s shamanic abilities in an evolutionary new light.

I also have taught unique, leading-edge courses on the sacred feminine and women’s spiritual leadership at various universities & graduate schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and at Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK. In addition to my private spiritual mentoring, I also currently mentor doctoral students at the California Institute of Integral Studies. I hold a doctorate in humanities & a master’s in philosophy and religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies, as well as a bachelor’s in psychology from Vassar College.


With love,

Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.