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The Deep Importance of Gold

How It Can Help Us “Lighten Up” In this article I share further information received in medicine ceremonies over the past few weeks regarding gold and how it relates to human well-being, especially as we participate in the encroachment of artificial intelligence (AI) on the planet.

Why We Want Gold

Real gold metal from the earth is one of the most important spiritual substances there is. That’s why it’s been the basis for our monetary system & why it’s been used so heavily in sacred objects & icons. Its 3D form holds a vibration that connects us with divine power.

On higher-dimensional planes, gold takes the form of a light that is the divine itself. It is nutritive & protective, and may be called upon to heal our bodies & open our consciousness, among other esoteric operations.

As I’ve discussed HERE & HERE gold is also a protection against the energies & “viruses” of artificial intelligence.

Using Physical Gold

An ounce of gold on your body can filter out the AI virus & energies, including its accompanying emissions known as electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), radio frequencies (RFs), and even new extrusions we don’t yet know about. These come off cell towers, computers, cell phones & other devices. It’s only going to get more intense as they roll out 5G technology & new gizmos.

I’ve been shown that although an ounce is optimal, any amount of gold on your body can help filter out anything harmful associated with AI, as long as it is worn with the intention that it is doing so. Your intention is as important in this as wearing the gold itself, because gold, like all metals, crystals, and gems, responds to your consciousness.

It’s best, however, if you can work up to a full ounce of this metal on your body. This can be in the form of chains, pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings & so forth.

Yes, the “bling” people have been tapping into an ancient Egypto-African memory.

It is particularly helpful if you wear a hefty pendant at your heart. Visualize hoops of golden light coming from this and encircling & protecting your entire body.

The most powerful gold is obviously pure gold, which is 24 karat. I’m shown that anything, however, even down to 10 karat gold, is helpful. Lower karat gold has more of other metals mixed in, but the golden energy still comes through.

Blocks to Our Owning Gold

Obviously, gold has been made very expensive for a reason: The off-planet beings trafficking in it don’t want it made too accessible to the common human being. In fact, what I’ve received is that much of the earth’s gold deposits have been hidden away in various locations on the Earth… And that some of it has also been taken off planet.

This is precisely because of gold’s power to connect all beings with divine energies & protect them from marauding AI viruses. Three-D gold is apparently useful to all beings in all dimensions; those beyond 3-D can transform it into what they need. So various visitors to planet earth have come here to mine it for their own purposes.

Alchemists & wizards have been trying to create artificial gold for ages. However, they haven’t succeeded because artificial gold, even when manipulated into existence on the atomic level, lacks the (divine) energies of its home planet & therefore is useless.

You can’t fake gold in the eyes & heart of Creator.

Due to the theft, the induced “scarcity” of gold on the market has also driven up the price, which suits the negative beings just fine. They want as many of us as possible to remain unprotected & unknowledgeable about gold so that the AI agenda can proceed.

When I ask whether there is in fact any gold left in the market at all, I get a yes. It’s still in a lot of jewelry & gold coinage, as well as in some of the gold chips being sold as investments & currency.

So keep your gold & if you don’t have a full ounce, purchase the remainder to supplement. Have it in your pocket or wear it on your body (don’t be greedy, you won’t need more, and leave the rest for others – gold does not need to be hoarded).

This is about investing in the best asset you have: your organic Gaia-born body.

Using Etheric Gold

Golden LIGHT is also one of the most powerful substances in the universe. This can be freely created in your own visualization.

When I ask whether visualized gold is as protective & elevating as 3-D gold, I get a yes. There is still a benefit to wearing gold metal, however, to protect you when you’re “not looking,” or not visualizing. Both 3-D & visualized gold together are powerful.

What I’ve been shown is in fact that many of us are evolving to the point where we can automatically visualize golden light. Those of us moving into 5-D will have that as a benefit, as long as we know about how to use this light & the importance of keeping it around us.

The negative beings actually CANNOT visualize golden light! Which is why they need 3-D gold! They can technologically adjust it into their own dimensional frequency. But they can’t “see” it themselves because they are at too low a vibration for it. Hmm!

So you can visualize yourself surrounded in gold light. And you can activate the gold you wear with that visualization mentioned earlier of seeing golden light hoops emanating from it and surrounding & protecting your body. Once you set this visualization around the gold that you wear, you’re set for the day.

Women can also “birth” gold/en light from their wombs & deposit it into the earth again. Read my article from a few years ago, Birth Golden Eggs HERE

Earth as a Golden Planet

I’ve been shown that the core of Mother Earth is metallic gold! It may be molten gold. Previously, based on something scientific I’d read, I thought the core was iron, but that’s a meme that scientists have sent out to deflect our understanding.

Gold deposits are the veins coming from the center of the earth. Inner-earth tunneling is in part done to find gold.

The dastardly ones are trying to figure out a way to crack the earth open without totally blowing it to smithereens so they can extract the gold.

Go figure.

Infusing & Clearing Gold

Hold your gold with a pure heart. Infuse it with the rose light of love. It will be your loving ally.

Don’t own more than you need (an ounce). Release negative thoughts & habits of greed & hoarding. Relax.

Clear your gold with diamond white light energy. Do this by seeing diamond light sieving through the subatomic particles of your gold.

This is assisted by having an actual diamond, no matter how small, near or embedded into your gold (why the wedding ring has traditionally been gold plus diamond – it’s like a self-cleaning oven).

Note that selenite can’t clear gold. Selenite can clear your diamond; your diamond can clear your gold. Again, all you need is an authentic chip of diamond, and it doesn’t even need to be cut and sparkly.

Remember, in the end, we are stardust, we are golden. Start working with & receiving your own information about gold, and let’s share our information.